Manse Academia - The Best Online Korean Course

In this article, we will talk about one of the best online Korean courses available at the moment. I’m talking about Manse Academia Managed by Victor Toledo, a complete and growing course with accessible plots.

The difficulty of learning Korean

The biggest difficulty in learning Korean online is the little material available compared to learning japanese. I personally believe that Korean is a much more complicated language because of its phonetics, but it has been booming lately.

Thanks to K-Pop and Doramas, the Korean language has become a passion for many girls in recent years. The demand for Korean-related material has increased dramatically, even making Suki Desu open the door to this type of content.

We have already written a introduction to the Korean language. We also wrote a little bit about the treatment fees and its similarities to the Japanese language. You can’t miss that article about Korean bad words.

We have to admit that recently a lot of free material about Korean has appeared on the internet and on several blogs. Unfortunately, none of them accurately teaches their phonetics and writing. Unlike Japanese, where phonemes are easy, Korean is not enough to learn alone without much struggle.

Manse Academia - the best online Korean course

Manse Academia - Learn Korean Online

In the full course of Korean Manse Academia, you learn from Zero to advanced. You will learn literacy, preliminary lessons, particles, structures and more. The course consists of video lessons, exclusive material, exercises, theory and practical application.

Each class lasts around 8 to 20 minutes. After finishing the classes you do the proposed exercises and revisions. The course offers full support for questions, you may be invited to join a student community.

The course is divided into 2 Faces:

Basic Cycle

​Here you will learn from the most preliminary lessons of the Korean, seeing the korean alphabet, the sound of each letter, learning about the syllables and sounds up to elementary grammar. You leave our course knowing how to communicate in different situations and you can even take the TOPIK to the intermediary.

Intermediate Cycle

Students who have gone through our basic cycle. In this one we will have several conversation, textual and written composition classes, so that the student can advance in their studies.

Contents of Manse Academia

In the Manse Academia course you will have modules on:

  • Hangul 한글 (Korean alphabet, and is literate in the language);
  • Words and expressions, and introduction to Korean grammar;
  • Study with texts and vocabulary classes;
  • Study of news, excerpts from books and music;
  • TOPIK module (Korean language proficiency exam);

And much more…

Who will teach me Korean?

Victor Toledo is the Principal Admin of the course, but he is not necessarily the principal teacher. He has a team, native South Koreans who will help you on this journey of learning Korean. In fact the main teacher of the course is Ga II Kim.

Ga Il Kim is a Korean translator for CBLOL, who has worked at Flamengo Esports and now works in the main League of Legends championship in Latin America. She is your main teacher, Victor Toledo is just the course administrator, so rest assured.

Victor has a lot of contact with Koreans, due to his career in electronic games like League of Legends. He even knows English and Korean translators and has a lot of contact with these people. So rest assured that he knows what he's doing.

Manse Academia Study System

The Manse Academia system is known as “extreme fragmentation“. This means that in each of the modules you will have several lessons explaining different subjects, tim-tim by tim-tim.

Nothing will be overlooked in your learning and everything related to Korean we will explain in detail. nothing will be in vain. This added to your reviews and exercises in each of the exercises. Let's break your expectation!

Manse Academia - the best online Korean course

Is Manse Academia Safe?

Online courses today are suspicious, and I don't disagree at all. We live in a generation where people use heavy marketing to sell their products, along with a combination of paid advertisements and diverse partnerships.

Many are interested only in selling courses online, but the products published by Suki Desu are of quality, I would not divulge any course that tarnishes my image. And even if you don't like the product, it has a nice Warranty.

The digital product promotion company Hotmart offers a 30-day guarantee, if you didn't like the course, just ask for a refund. Not to mention that the investment in this monthly course is very low, only 50 reais.

The course is available directly on the Hotmart Club platform, which means that you have complete security in the material and access. Your data will be safe, and there is also no danger of the course disappearing from nowhere.

As soon as you register, you will receive in the email directly from Hotmart access to the Hotmart Club platform and the Manse Academia course. Of course, depending on the payment method, payment slips usually take 24 hours to be confirmed.

Manse Academia - the best online Korean course

Manse Academia Logo

Why do the Manse Academia?

The first and main reason for taking the course is because it may be in your interest to learn the Korean language. Second, I believe it is the only and best alternative for those who are looking for a Korean course and cannot find it.

I've come across other online Korean courses, but their prices are a big stab. Therefore, the Manse Academia do Victor Toledo course is the best option for you. I believe!

Not to mention that online courses are better than face-to-face, in addition to their low cost and convenience of studying without leaving home. Usually Professor Victor Toleto can create comprehensive materials for everyone, instead of simply teaching the same thing over and over to each student.

Alternatives to Manse Academia

Maybe you didn't like Manse Academia, so we will suggest some alternatives below like Korean Books, if you are interested in studying alone, the materials below can help you:

I looked, but found little Korean material available in English. This just goes to show how important it is to make Manse Academia one of the few alternatives for those who want to learn Korean language online.

Videos of Manse Academia

The manse academia has a YouTube channel with several videos of lives that were made for the students, maybe some of them are of interest to know how the course works. Remembering that they are live videos, then nothing very well elaborated or specific:

Free Download of the Manse Academia Torrent Course

Looking for Free Download Manse Academia via Torrent or Mega? So you have come to the right place ... Here you will be able to download the best online Korean course updated with new classes constantly.

To download the Free Course Manse Academia just pay the 50 reais and have access to the Hotmart Club platform. Did you really think you would download this course for free? I like to make this troll with the pirates who search for it on Google.

If you use Free Course Downloads, unfortunately I guarantee that you will not have any success in life. Especially when it comes to a product as low cost as Manse Academia.

First, the course is constantly updated, so it’s impossible for you to find a recent pirated version. Another, Hotmart Club is a secure platform, copying a course from there is practically impossible.

If you are trying to commit this crime of piracy, I have to say that you are an offense to Korean culture. You will learn another language, because in Korea you will not be well regarded doing this.

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