K-POP: Check out the main choreographies and how to practice them

If you are a social media person, at some point have you seen some choreographies or have you heard about K-POP, a musical style that has been sweeping people of all ages with different and very upbeat songs.

Despite having gained great popularity in the western continent in recent times, K-POP, a musical genre that was born in South Korea, began in the 1990s.

Since then, the unique style and different rhythm of the songs has been increasingly recognized by people of different ages, nationalities and musical tastes.

One of the most striking features of K-POP is its choreography, whether in a group or individual. The movements, which in most cases are quite complex, manage to be a source of admiration even for those who do not consider themselves a fan of the musical groups.

On the internet and on social networks it is possible to find thousands of different choreographies in a few seconds, as well as finding a vehicle tracking service, since today everything is fast and delivered in the palm of our hand.

What many people don't know is that, by requiring the person's memory to be activated, so that each step of the choreography is memorized and that the body moves according to the beats of the songs, dancing can bring a series of benefits. to health.

That's why K-POP is not just a musical genre that captivates people, but an innovation even for those looking to practice some physical activity in a more fun and effective way.

Within this scenario, we have prepared content to help you understand in depth about the culture and emergence of K-POP, as well as its main choreographies and how the habit of dancing can help improve your physical and mental health.

Get to know K-POP and its influence

The acronym refers to the term "Korean pop", which is a pop music genre that originated in South Korea. Originated in 1992 with a group called Seo Taiji and Boys, the style soon became popular in Asian countries.

With very striking features and faithful to Korean culture, K-POP has become a fever and is now played all over the world, with bands who fill their stadium shows with frantic fans in this musical style.

The fan community is so large that many pay a airport transfer to follow the routine of their idols during the insane tour of concerts they do all over the world.

An example of this is the famous group BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, or Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean. It is a South Korean group formed in 2013.

The 7-member group made their official debut on June 13, 2013 with the single "No More Dream", which is the second track from the international group's 2 Cool 4 Skool album.

On their tours around the world, the group has filled stadiums and concert halls with thousands of fans who are truly passionate about the members, the culture and the way they sing and dance.

Many have even registered with the parcel delivery service products from Korea, after all, K-POP's influence wasn't just limited to beginner stages, songs and choreography.

Korean culture has also become very present in the routine of those who love this style of music, even the way young people dress, put on makeup, paint their nails, behave and even what they eat have been influenced by this style.

Not that this is wrong, after all, Korean culture and the influence of K-POP did not make young people get involved in anything illegal, but there is no denying the great power and influence of this style in the lives of young people.

Many spend hours on the internet looking for products from Korea and some even hire a logistics customs broker to help them bring goods directly from outside Brazil to consume more of Asian culture.

Most young people have fun and like to look like their idols, not only in appearance but also in the way they act. It's no wonder that choreography has also become a fever and thousands of people are committed to learning some.

As complex as they may seem, many see them as a real challenge and don't rest until they learn and repeat all the steps, in addition to being something viral on the internet, it's also a way to have fun and take care of health.

Main K-POP choreographies

Today, with the internet and social networks, you can find and learn a K-POP choreography as easily as you find a commercial cleaning

for your company. Some of the platforms where you can find this type of content the most are:

  • TikTok;
  • YouTube;
  • Instagram;
  • Facebook.

However, we have selected some choreographies for you to know a little more about each and search for videos and tutorials to learn and play in this skill that can bring great benefits to your health.

  1. BTS – Butter

The song in question by the group BTS brings a very lively rhythm, but nothing too exaggerated, that is, anyone can be enchanted by the music and it is almost impossible to stand still listening to the melody.

The choreography makes the body move completely, that is, there is no way to stand still dancing with only one part of the body. On social media you can find complete tutorials on the steps of this choreography that is one of the simple ones in K-POP.

  1. ITZY – I'm the mafia

The group in question is one of the most famous in K-POP, but formed only by women who also do not disappoint when it comes to creating original choreography and addictive songs.

The song in question brings a more electronic footprint, perfect for those who love this genre and is one that moves the whole body and makes anyone get excited with the excitement and joy that the melody conveys.

  1. EXO – The Eve

The K-POP group EXO has thousands of songs on digital platforms and you can get to know their work and find their music as easily as you can buy new daters through the Internet.

The song The Eve brings a more romantic and sensual feeling, ideal for those who want to dance but without having to struggle to make super difficult and fast steps. The music brings a feeling of joy and lightness at the same time.


BLACKPINK is the biggest K-POP girl group in the world, with songs that steal the top positions of digital platforms and with thousands of albums sold, the girls know what they came for and don't miss it.

This song has a very different rhythm than what we are used to and is very faithful to Asian culture, yet it is a crazy rhythm and impossible to stop listening to the melody or seeing the girls dancing the choreography.

It is worth mentioning that many girls who are in love with the group try to buy products that the girlband produces outside Brazil to bring to the country. In that case it is important to have a Import declaration so as not to get products up front.

  1. TWICE – I can't stop me

Last but not least, we have another girl group with a song that also has a perfect balance between electronic and the most romantic and sensual touch.

This song, as light as it may seem, also has a choreography that makes the whole body move and it's impossible not to sweat and lose good calories trying to perform all the steps, but fun is guaranteed.

You can find all these choreographies on social media, especially on YouTube, where you can get complete and very detailed tutorials to learn each step at once.

It is also valid to say that if you are thinking of carrying out the security camera system installation in your home, in addition to being great for ensuring the safety of your home, you can still count on them to check your progress in choreography.

Benefits of K-POP choreography

And it is clear that choreographies as well crafted as those of K-POP bring several benefits to those who decide to learn the dance steps and apply them even from their own home. Some of them are:

  • Improved mood;
  • Decreased stress;
  • Greater flexibility;
  • Improvement of the cardiorespiratory system;
  • Helps in burning fat;
  • Works on motor coordination;
  • More fun.

So, whether you're alone or with someone special, take a few steps and have fun with this musical genre that brings different songs than we're used to and still builds fun moments that will stay in our memory forever.

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