All About Japan Certificate of Eligibility

For those who intend to go to Japan, it is not new that it is necessary to resolve a lot with regard to authorizations and other essential documentation.

One of these concerns should be the Certificate of Eligibility, which becomes mandatory for all those who are not just going to take a short trip to Japan.

But what is this certificate and what do I need to do to get it?

What is Certificate of Eligibility?

The Certificate of Eligibility (Zairyu Shikaku Nintei Shomeisho) is a document sent by the Department of Immigration Control of Justice.

This document must be presented during disembarkation and serves to prove the types of activities that the immigrant will carry out during his stay in Japan, which must be in accordance with the Immigration Law.

Unlike most of the required documentation, it is not the person who goes to Japan who makes the request, but someone to whom they are related and who resides in Japan who must make the request.

After issuing the document, the Japanese resident must send it to the foreign applicant and then apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate.

The period for foreigners to travel to Japan is a maximum of three months after the issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility. It is worth remembering that such documentation does not guarantee the automatic issuance of the visa.

All about Japan Eligibility Certificate

What is needed to get the document?

As the Certificate of Eligibility must be requested by a resident relative, the documents to apply must be both.

Ideally, the guarantor should preferably be the Japanese spouse and that the latter can prove income in Japan, otherwise it could be another close relative who lives in Japan.

The couple must travel together and present a copy of their airline ticket, or the Japanese resident will go earlier and the other will follow.

On the official website of Embassy of Japan you find all the documents for specific cases of the degree of kinship. The main ones are:

Spouse of Japanese, of Japanese descent and of “Permanent Resident” with Certificate of Eligibility

  • valid passport 
  • Visa Application Form to enter Japan 
  • A 3x4cm photo (clear, recent, white background) 
  • Certificate of Eligibility (original and copy) 


  • valid passport 
  • Visa Application Form to enter Japan
  • A 3 x 4cm photo (clear, recent, white background) 
  • Requester's identity card (original and copy) or certified copy 
  • Koseki tohon (original – valid for up to one year), with the couple's marriage registration. 
  • Marriage certificate (certified copy)
  • It will be necessary for the applicant to have a spouse or a relative in Japan as guarantor, who must present the following documents:
  • Original warranty letter (download in English and Japanese)
  • Proof of income (original and copy).
  • employment certificate
  • Certificate of foreign registration and copy of passport (if the guarantor is a foreigner).
  • Certificate of residence, if the guarantor is living in Japan (JUMINHYOU)

Work Visa by Certificate of Eligibility

The work visa is one of the visas that most descendants get for finding jobs easily, especially when they already have a certain degree of study.

 It is possible to get an employment visa if you can get in touch with a company that hires you and takes care of the visa.

Foreigners can also apply for the Certificate of Eligibility first and then get a work visa, but this is not valid for everyone. Just for some professions, they are:

Teacher, artist, religious activities, journalist, business manager, legal and accounting services, medical services, researcher, instructor, engineer/humanities specialist/international services, skilled workforce, entertainment producer.

All about Japan Eligibility Certificate

time and values

To spend a season in Japan it is necessary to plan well in advance because of the bureaucracy with documents. Nothing to decide to go at the last minute huh! It can end up generating a headache.

The time will depend on the category, degree of kinship, length of stay, all of this will be taken into account.

But the average wait after applying for the Certificate of Eligibility is about ninety days.

It is free to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility. You'll just have to pay for the seals and by the envelope.

And if you prefer to pay a professional to resolve all the procedures, there is an additional amount that will vary according to each place, number of people and others.

Changes with the pandemic

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 made many changes with regard to travel and relocations. 

The expiration date is taken very seriously, so even with the pandemic the Certificate of Eligibility was not extended for those who had already been asked. 

However, for certificate requests made on or after July 31, 2022, a new certificate will be issued.

To prove it is necessary to present the Certificate issued (original or a copy) and the statement of justification completed by the receiving organization.

Certificates of Eligibility issued between January 1, 2020 and July 31, 2021 will be valid until January 31, 2022. Previously, the period was shorter, four months.

For those who have their eligibility ready and are just waiting to enter Japan, none of the eligibility that has expired will be accepted or that may expire before the total clearance of entry for Brazilians in Japan must be updated by Japanese immigration.

There is still no further information on how this process will work. Maybe in the next few days some information will appear with more details of the revalidation. Let's follow the changes!

Have you filed for the Certificate of Eligibility yet? Tell me your experience.

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