Applications for MEXT Scholarships and others

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Every year the Japanese government promotes several exchange and study programs for Brazilians interested in studying and living in Japan. There are several types of pockets, for students who have finished high school, for higher education students and even teachers.

A MEXT (Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) has already started registration for the “Japanese Language and Culture” and “Teacher Training” categories, which runs until March 4th. Each person consulted has their information about registration, details of tests and interviews and answers to all questions, we will leave the link to each of the Japanese consoles available in Brazil.

If you are interested in studying in Japan, I recommend following the details of each of the opportunities on the website. Let's summarize a little here:

Índice de Conteúdo

types of bag

Track information on the type of MEXT scholarships and study opportunities, all details were provided by the General Consulate of Japan in São Paulo.


Opportunity to carry out academic research at Japanese universities, and it is also possible to extend the scholarship to a master's and/or doctorate, upon passing the entrance exam at the Japanese university. For those who do not yet master the Japanese language, a basic course will be given during the first six months of the scholarship in Japan.


Scholarship to pursue an undergraduate degree at a Japanese university, also including one year of preparatory course in Japan.



Higher Technical Schools offer courses focused on engineering and other technical areas. For Japanese students graduating from the 1st degree (equivalent to 9 years of study), the course lasts 5 years. In the case of this scholarship offered by MEXT, the scholarship holder enters the 3rd year of these courses, after 1 year of Japanese language course. Scholarship holders with good performance may also request the extension of the scholarship for another 2 years, transferring to the 3rd year of the university course (with the exception of the merchant marine course).


Opportunity to complete a professional course in a Japanese educational institution. This scholarship aims to provide the learning of techniques and knowledge necessary for professional life.


Scholarship to carry out research at Japanese universities related to school education. The program's target audience is: teachers, pedagogical advisors, educational assistants, principals, etc. Brazil.


Scholarship offered to university students of the Letters course with a qualification in Japanese Language who wish to deepen their knowledge in the area of Japanese language, culture and literature.

Other Scholarships

It is worth remembering that there are several exchange opportunities and scholarships in addition to MEXT. There are projects provided by Japan Foundation, Kenpi Ryugaku, JICA, JSPS, etc.

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