Koreaboo Definition - Are You Addicted to Korea?

Do you know what the word means Koreaboo? Are you a Koreaboo? What do Koreans think about these people? In this article, we will take a deep look at the meaning of the word koreaboo.

The word Koreaboo has a similar meaning to the word weeaboo used to refer to people fanatical about Japan. In this case, koreaboo refers to people who are fanatical about Korea and its culture, usually because of dramas and K-pop.

Like weaboo, koreaboo is a derogatory and pejorative word. It refers to those who have an exaggerated passion for Korea, a type of pay dick in Korean culture, even though they have no real relationship or influence with it.

These people prefer things in Korea over their culture. She becomes addicted to Korean dramas and K-pop, tries to learn the language and uses it in everyday life, even if no one around her understands Korean.

What does koreaboo mean - don't be a koreaboo!

The origin of Koreaboo

Its origin is uncertain, but it probably appeared on the online forums in the same way as the word weeaboo. In reality, the word koreaboo was inspired by the Japanese word weeaboo which came about by chance in 2003.

The first mentions of this term go around 2011, but it was only in 2014 with the opening of a website called koreaboo.com that this term became more and more popular like weeaboo.

The koreaboo.com website is responsible for sharing Korean culture and receives more than 40 million monthly visits from more than 100 different countries. This site is one of the great responsible for popularizing this pejorative term.

What does koreaboo mean - don't be a koreaboo!

Are you a Koreaboo?

Koreaboo are Westerners who are exaggeratedly passionate about Korea and its culture. They want so much to be a part of South Korean culture that it creates a fanciful image in their head and in fact they don't really know Korean culture at all.

Some features are:

  • Desejo de ter nascido na Coreia como um coreano;
  • Desejo de morar na Coreia;
  • Renunciar a própria nacionalidade e agir como coreano;
  • Thinks Korea is the best country and hates others;
  • Acha que todo coreano parece um K-Idol;
  • Achar que todo coreano gosta de K-pop;
  • Achar que todo coreano gosta de k-drama;
  • Despreza outras culturas não coreanas, até mesmo ásiaticas;
  • Usa excessivamente palavras coreanas em situações nada a ver;
  • Ama comida coreana mesmo nunca tendo experimentado de verdade;
  • Fica falando oppa... oppa... oppa... o tempo inteiro;
  • Achar que todo coreano é educado e fofo;
  • To think that dramas are the basis of everyday life in Korea;

The fact that one likes Korean culture, cuisine, dramas, and K-pop does not make one a Koreaboo, nor does one want to learn the language unnecessarily. What makes a person a koreaboo is simply addiction and exaggeration to those tastes.

A koreaboo puts all Korea above other things. Don't you have that annoying friend who constantly posts pictures of Korean singers on WhatsApp and Instagram statuses? There's nothing wrong with that, but some post just that every 2 minutes.

What does koreaboo mean - don't be a koreaboo!

If you are overly obsessed with Korea or Korean singers, love singers or actors more than your boyfriend, you can definitely be called a koreaboo and need to do psychological treatments (lol).

A koreaboo is so obsessed as to agree with everything about Korea, that possibly if the president of South Korea decides to start building nuclear bombs, that person would agree with the idea.

Is it okay to be a Koreaboo?

Being a koreaboo is your choice, I will not change your opinion and, much less, disrespect it.

As already explained, it all depends on the degree of fanaticism for Korea or Koreans. It also depends on how much you are willing to defend the Koreans tooth and nail. For example, I'll drop my general idea about Koreans below:

  • Os coreanos são superficiais;
  • Na Coreia tem mais suicídios que no Japão;
  • Os coreanos não são tão educados como os japoneses;
What does koreaboo mean - don't be a koreaboo!

Were you offended by the above words? Do you think I'm wrong with these facts? Do you feel like confronting me? This feeling is normal, I feel the same anger when they talk about Japan, but I understand their negative sides and I don't waste my time arguing.

A koeraboo can be compared as a kind of "ism" like feminism, machismo, fascism and other doctrines, systems, theories, trends and currents. They have their reasons, but in practice exaggerate terribly.

It's okay to be obsessed with or liking something so long as it doesn't bother others around you. Not even labeling yourself or another a koreaboo is entirely offensive.

The koreaboo problems:

  • They think they're smarter than a weeaboo
  • Eles são muito políticamente correto;
  • Eles empurram as suas opiniões sobre as pessoas;
  • Eles são rudes e na maioria das vezes arrogantes;
  • São menos produtivas que um weeaboo;
  • Não sabem quando parar sua obsessão;
  • Geralmente são jovens inexperientes;
What does koreaboo mean - don't be a koreaboo!

The above list well cites some of the problems of being a koreaboo. Some get so attached to South Korean culture that they take even the negative aspects, forming someone programmed and without an opinion of their own. Be careful not to become a Koreaboo!


  • Speaking Korean words all the time won't make you a Korean!
  • Acting in this exaggerated way can seem like they are being made fun of;
  • Don't feel superior for knowing more than others, or call anyone a poser!
  • Just like you don't like some things, people aren't obligated to like Korean culture!

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