The problems of society's struggles and movements

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In recent years, several movements have appeared on the internet in order to spread freedom of expression and fight inequality, machismo, prejudice, homophobia, racism and others.

I appreciate the dedication and struggle of these movements for equality, but unfortunately some of these movements become extreme and end up causing what they are fighting against.

I personally believe that hatred for different thoughts is very present in some of these movements, so I am even afraid and afraid to talk about it and end up attracting a range of haters (hatred) for expressing my different opinion.

I will not give up on writing about this subject, so come on! To be honest, I believe that many of the things that some of these movements propose, are selfish, unnecessary, and that in most cases do not give results.

The problems of society's struggles and movements

As I studied Japanese culture, I realized that most Japanese people do not struggle or struggle with things like machismo, prejudice and homophobia. Even so, Japanese society, despite its problems, manages to provide a diverse and peaceful society.

I decided to write this article somewhat controversial, because of a conversation I had with a friend who has lived in Japan for 10 years. I even recorded the audio, in the future I intend to post everything here.

Another very interesting point is that in 2018 the candidate Jair Bolsonaro was elected as president of Brazil, this left many who participate in movements or resistance, afraid of a possible dictatorship or increase in homophobia, prejudice or racism. Perhaps this article can help you not to worry too much and see things from another point of view.

(PS: this article was written on a tablet, I will review it further)…

Fighting for Freedom and Rights

I'm not going to tell anyone to stop striving for something they want, but we have a few things to learn from Japanese society. There are negative and positive points for those who choose to fight society's ideas or submit to society.

The Japanese way of thinking considers first the will of others and not of themselves. So even if the Japanese wish to change something in society, they are not going to do anything that might bother or be mendokusai (annoying, a pain, hard) for others.

That is why in Japan there are things like a communist party, places prohibiting foreigners from entering and other rules that make the Japanese follow in silence so as not to disturb others, such as calling on public transport.

The problems of society's struggles and movements

In Japan women suffer wage inequality, homosexuals cannot officially marry, there are breaches of labor rights and many other problems that the Japanese face. Why don't they do anything?

Speaking in this way, it seems that the Japanese are either killed by laziness or don't care about society. There are struggles to change, but they are carried out in a peaceful way that does not disturb others, instead of violent, unethical and immoral protests that take place in Brazil.

What's wrong with fighting?

There is no problem fighting, in reality I am a person who fights against the popular trends and thoughts of society. But in some of these movements, what I see are people trying to force their thoughts on each other.

For example, just as we cannot force an atheist to believe in god, we cannot force a religious to accept homosexuality, if it goes against their beliefs. What we can do is fight for everyone to respect the opinion of each other and also the neighbor, regardless of their sexuality or religion. Even because sexuality is personal, the Japanese think so both those who hate it and those who adhere to other sexual options are able to live in peace without problems. Just respect each other's options, but you don't have to force anyone to like something they don't like.

Unfortunately the opposite happens, we have religious people being homophobic and homosexuals disrespecting religious people. Not to mention the fights and arguments between atheists and religious.

People need to understand that the world doesn't just revolve around them, people think differently, we can't have everything we want, we must fight for things that are within our reach and not harm others. If the person wants respect, they need to respect !

The problems of society's struggles and movements

Most of the thoughts propagated on the internet by movements that apparently try to help or liberate society, are very selfish and serve only to generate wars and hatred. Remember that I don't mean everyone, don't try to generalize what I'm writing.

Generalization is one of the most harmful things in society today, people face social problems in an alarming way, when most of the time the problem is personal or is in the way of thinking of each one.

For example, aaaah in Japan people commit suicide too much. When you go searching, you realize that there are only 18 out of 100,000 people a year. It is an unfortunate number, but people put it on the head in a general way, as if 1 in 100 people killed themselves every day.

Generalization was one of the things that caused most disgrace and fights in the 2018 elections. People raise wrong or generalized information and end up thinking that Haddad is going to transform Brazil into Venezuela or that Bolsonaro is going to make a dictatorship.

Things like prejudice, racism and homophobia are not exclusive to Brazil or Japan. No matter the country or the laws, unfortunately, there will always be people with these thoughts. In reality Brazil has already achieved a lot through these movements, and everyone is to be congratulated!

The problem is that some are different, fighting for special privileges. They want to be superior to others. For example, I heard cases where universities in the past reserved a percentage of their places for blacks. for me this is not a fight for equality but a racial division.

In Japan it doesn't matter if you are black, foreign, homosexual, rich, poor, ugly or beautiful, you will be respected by most people, but you can face uncomfortable situations because of prejudice or hatred.

It would be nice if all haters, prejudiced people or people with different thoughts simply cease to exist. Unfortunately, there will always be these bad people, but it is not with hatred that we will fight hatred.

People are crazy attacking each other on the internet, especially during the election period. I think that if everyone stops to think about the next and strive to respect their ideas, things like prejudice, homophobia and racism would not exist.

The problems of keeping the peace

Telling people to stop killing themselves for certain issues can be difficult. One of the most common theories of humanity is that for every action there is a reaction. I'm just saying that if a person is fighting hate, he will never win if he also uses it.

We must treat people as we would like to be treated, this is one of the main mistakes in Brazil. Of course, even so, good will not always win over things like prejudice, racism and homophobia, that's why they still happen Ijime (bullying) in Japan.

If you hate something, it would be best to stay away from it to avoid discomfort. No matter your color, sex, nationality or sexual orientation, if someone treated you with disrespect, the laws exist for that. It is the politicians' fault that the laws in Brazil do not pay, not because you or your friend is different. Apparently people who are different want to be treated equally but struggle to be different and privileged.

Experience of a Brazilian in Japan

While talking to a friend who has lived in Japan for more than 10 years, he told me that as a child he was unable to stay in Japanese school for a month because of prejudice and bullying. He even came back to Brazil a few years from the anger he got from the Japanese.

Think about it, he found the Japanese prejudiced because both the students he studied with and the teachers he lacked with respect, this in a nation where respect was to be a priority.

What resulted in what? This friend was angry with the Japanese. This shows once again that prejudice breeds prejudice. Until finally this friend returned to Japan and started to look at the Japanese from a different perspective, he started to think like a Japanese.

He realized that despite having some misfortunes in society, he was treated with a lot of respect by most other Japanese, a very high education, even if it is between business.

The problems of society's struggles and movements

Some must think that it is all a falsehood, that afterwards the japa will be cursing him for baka gaijin (stupid foreigner). I think so, if he treated me with respect, his problem if he has stupid prejudiced thoughts. If he is in a disrespectful way, I could make a shack and get my name dirty even more, or depending on the situation I could make a BO, no matter how much the Japanese police will listen to the Japanese.

To this day, this friend of mine has trauma from school, and does not like to hear the expression baka gaijin. Only he managed to overcome prejudice by eliminating any thoughts of hatred he had for the things he went through.

During the conversation with this friend he mentioned some interesting points:

  • It is very easy for you to try to change the world behind the computer, while your room, home and neighborhood are dirty;
  • If you want to be treated like a normal citizen, then act like a normal citizen;
  • I'm black and I live in Japan, you can call it black that I don't even care about. I live in Japan and is there prejudice here? No, prejudice exists everywhere;
  • I recommend researching the histories of blacks in the USA in the 20th century, there really are people who fought for their rights. Only they changed civil rights and not people;
  • If you want to make a person have the same point of view as you need to do it for your actions;
  • As much as there are prejudiced Japanese, they cannot judge me because I am disrespecting him, because I treat him well and follow the rules of Japan;
  • Too much freedom and saying what you want all the time is harmful. If you have too much freedom, you have no limit and you end up without purpose;
  • Stop trying to be a social punisher on that computer and live your life, help your family, your neighborhood, your friends, try to change the world outside the internet, because there are only trolls there;
  • People do not know how to think beyond what they read on the internet. The world is much bigger and much more different, these people need to travel and see other places and cultures;
  • Many want respect but do not respect others;

What Japan thinks about this subject

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Japanese do only what they can. It may not seem like they don't strive to change society, but really they don't usually think about it, they just accept the thoughts of others and do their best to respect everyone, regardless of their choices and positions.

For this reason, the Japanese do not worry about the existence of the communist party in their country, nor do they discuss prejudice. They simply take care of their own lives, always respecting the space of others. They are not giving an opinion or pointing out whether this is right or wrong.

This results in a society that despite its social problems, pressure and falsehood, manage to remain totally peaceful, providing the best for others. Those who decide to have a lifestyle different from the ordinary in society, must face its consequences.

What I mean is that it doesn't matter your race, color, sex, political option, thoughts, tastes and culture. If you really want a better Brazil you need to focus on respecting others instead of discussing and writing hateful comments on the internet.

I do not believe that this text will make everyone think and accept their own mistake. Unfortunately, there are people who insist on criticizing and hating any thought other than his. Some will read it but will understand the opposite of the message I want to send… If you really want significant changes in society, then share this article.

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3 thoughts on “Os problemas das lutas e movimentos da sociedade”

  1. Ótimo texto.
    Os japoneses respeitam a individualidade de cada ser humano e isso é uma coisa louvável. Eu só encontrei um pouco disso em Florianópolis, nos ingleses, todos se respeitavam .

  2. Curto muito seu blog mano, acompanho já a um tempo e amo cultura japonesa. Mas apesar de entender os ponto levantados achei esse artigo muito muito muito tendencioso, talvez sem perceber. Generaliza muito luta de classes por igualdade a uma luta banal sem levar em conta muitos dados relevantes a essa luta. Clara q existe radicalismo em absolutamente todos os lados e esse extremismo é completamente ruim e deve ser combatido mesmo, mas seu artigo me da a impressão de generalizar todas essas lutas e movimentos sociais. Dizer que acha os reinvidicações egoístas, desnecessárias, e que na maioria das vezes não dão resultados demonstra uma total falta de conhecimento sobre o assunto. Acredito sim que o Japão esteja num patamar muito mais elevado que o nosso, mas usar esse fato para amenizar a luta contra machismo, homofóbia, racismo, entre outros chega a ser absurdo. Eu gosto de verdade do seu blog mas esse artigo me deixou um tanto quanto chateado, tive que deixar um comentário. Sei que as razões foram boas, e sei que existem radicais dentro dessas causas que mancham o todo, mas não generalize, tente entender de onde vem cada uma dessas conquistas como cotas em universidades. Continuarei acompanhando seu blog e por favor não tenha a impressão que estou te criticado gratuitamente. Flw mano

    • Acho que faltei eu negritar e enfatizar as palavras [alguns movimentos] e [não generalize o que eu escrevi] kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Espero que não leve tão a sério, é apenas o que eu sinto pelo que vejo na INTERNET. Os verdadeiros batalhadores fazem um bom trabalho, é porque dentre eles tem muitos superficiais que apenas seguem a manada tentando dar uma de Herói e acaba sujando o nome dos movimentos. Não se combate ódio com ódio. É apenas colocar gasolina no fogo.