Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime

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Watching a movie or a cartoon with different and delicious dishes is a guarantee of hunger and desire, and as complex as some recipes may seem to reproduce them, it can become a great adventure in the kitchen. In addition, it is a good immersion in the universe portrayed on screens that sometimes seems so far from reality, even more so when it comes to anime. 

That's why we've separated ten amazing and easy popular recipes from Japanese cuisine, a gastronomy present all over the planet, perfect to accompany your favorite production, whether to try to make it or order it in the nearest delivery. 

Cuisine is among many people's favorite and has gained prominence in major productions


This delicious mixture of soup with noodles is very common in anime like “Ponyo” and “Naruto”, but more than that, it has gained prominence around the world and many restaurants already reproduce this Chinese recipe developed in Japan after World War II. 

With dashi, a surprising and super tasty broth, the star of the dish, ramen can be found in a version with vegetables, pork or beef and eggs. For those who like it, it's the right choice during the winter. 

For those who want to take a risk in the preparation, the ingredients are simple: instant noodles, eggs boiled with a soft yolk, pork or beef to make a good broth and seasonings, such as salt, soy sauce and miso. It is worth adding mushrooms, seaweed, chard, bean sprouts, chives and sesame. 

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Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime

Breakfast at “The Animated Castle” 

Super simple and tasty, this breakfast can only have been inspired by Hollywood movies. To reproduce it, you will need eggs, bacon, breads and cheese, just fry them all in the same skillet and enjoy. 

If the mixture is too much to eat at dawn, is it worth preparing the meal as a snack during lunch and to drink how about an iced green tea? The drink is widely consumed among the Japanese and goes well at any time of the day, in addition to making the whole mixture a little lighter. 

Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime

Grilled Salmon with Bechamel Sauce 

Anyone who has watched “Porco Rosso” has certainly been drooling over salmon with béchamel sauce, the classic white sauce. The recipe is simple, just season the fish to taste and let it brown in a frying pan. 

Then, in the same pan, add flour and butter, gradually add milk and stir until the broth thickens. You can also add sour cream to make the mixture even tastier. To accompany, boiled potatoes can be a great request, as well as a mixture of vegetables and vegetables.

Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime

Kasutera cake

If you like the sponge cake found in several bakeries around, you will surely be delighted with the kasutera cake, constantly present in “The Wind Rises”. This is a cake with super soft and moist dough. 

Created in Portugal, the recipe gained fame among the Japanese during the 16th century. The mixture of honey, vanilla and sugar has a mild taste and is usually served for breakfast and in the afternoon, accompanied by a tasty hot or iced tea.

It is a real success among young people and adults, pleasing all palates, it is worth trying in a quieter time with friends and family, especially with those who are lovers of sweeter recipes.

Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime


How about adding a melon-pan to your breakfast or afternoon, in addition to the kasutera cake, mentioned above? Despite the name, the bread just looks like a melon. 

Basically, this famous recipe is a slightly sweet, round, fluffy roll with a crispy outer layer, made with a toasted cookie dough. In some places, you can find it with a chocolate or cream filling, which makes it even more special.

Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime


If you are one of those people who loves Japanese culture but runs out of raw fish, this recipe could be your salvation. That's because it's extremely simple, with just two ingredients: vinegared rice and fried tofu. 

To spice things up, you can add shiitake mushrooms, carrots and sesame seeds, in addition to your favorite Japanese sauce, such as tarê, thick and sweet, or soy sauce, which is more salty and liquid. 

Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime


This omelet, often accompanied by rice and white radish, is mouthwatering, as well as being perfect for those who want to vary the preparation of the dish. With different fillings and rolled in layers, tamagoyaki is very popular among the Japanese and eaten for breakfast. 

However, to prepare it, they usually use a specific frying pan, known as a makiyakinabe, square and super non-stick, which allows a preparation without any type of fat. So, if you have one of these lying around, get ready to eat a delicious and healthy omelet with a lot of eggs. 

Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime


That the Japanese are big fans of rice is not new, so much so that they even created a muffin made with the cereal, which is nothing like ours, fried and super stuffed.

Onigiri is a super simple snack served with nori seaweed and sometimes fish. To make it, just cook the sushi-specific rice — it has the shortest grain, until it gets a little stickier, after cold, shape it into a triangular shape and wrap it with the seaweed, which helps to hold the mixture. Easy and tasty.

Discover ten popular Japanese dishes in anime


If you've ever had the opportunity to visit a Japanese cuisine fair or even the country, you've certainly come across this super popular sweet served on a stick. 

And the success is so much that it even has music in the anime “Clannad: After Story”. It's a mochi dumpling, glutinous rice ground into a paste, topped with sweet soy sauce. However, the recipes are numerous and can be found in different colors, flavors and even aromas. 

Dango - Japanese sweet - curiosities and recipe


Of course, the classic sushi could not be missing, present in all anime and in Japanese restaurants around the world, the combination of rice with salmon or tuna fish is super appreciated and easy to find. 

So, now that you already know several dishes from this incredible culture, choose your favorite and enjoy a fun anime, with a tasty meal. 

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