Japanese School Subjects - Japanese Vocabulary

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Have you ever asked what school subjects there are in Japan? What subjects are covered at a university in Japan? The Japanese have a freedom when it comes to studying, they can choose which subjects to learn, of course there are mandatory ones. In this article, we are going to see a list of school subjects in Japanese.

Japanese subjects include Japanese language, social studies, mathematics, science, music, arts, health and physical education, as well as different classes such as domestic and industrial work, moral education and citizenship. It is worth mentioning the kanji Gaku [学] means to learn and study, it will be present in many of the subjects and words in this article.

Unlike school subjects in Brazil, academic subjects in Japan are divided into 4 categories that we will see throughout this article.

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人文学 / Hito bungaku / Human Sciences

Humanities does not refer to science as we know it, but to the study and human behavior.

哲学てつ がくtetsugakuPhilosophy
歴史れき しrekishiHistory
文学ぶん がくBungakuLiterature
語学ごが くgogakuthe study of language
  • Gogaku is not to be confused with 言語学 (gengogaku) "linguistics" (study of language in general);
Japanese school subjects - Japanese vocabulary

社会科学 / Shakai kagaku / Social Sciences

As the name suggests, this science studies the social aspects of the human world.

心理学しん りが く shinrigakuPsychology
社会学しゃ かい がく shakaigakuSociology
1言語学げん ごが く gengogakuLinguistics
2人類学じん るい がく jinruigakuAnthropology
地理 (学)ちり (がく) chiri (gaku)Geography
3経済 (学)けい ざい (がく) Keizai (gaku)Economy
4政治学せい じが く seijigakupolitical science
  1. Not to be confused with gogaku (語学) "the study of language" (learning a language such as Japanese or English);
  2. 人類 (Jinrui) = Humanity;
  3. 経済 (Keizai) = Economy;
  4. 政治 (seiji) = Government / politics;
Japanese school subjects - Japanese vocabulary

自然科学 / Shizen kagaku / Natural Sciences

1生物 (学)せい ぶつ (がく)seibutsu (gaku)Biology
2化学かが くkagakuChemistry
物理 (学)ぶつ り (がく)butsuri (gaku)Physical
天文 (学)てん もん (がく)tenmon (gaku)Astronomy
地質 (学)ちし つ (がく)chishitsu (gaku)Geology
3環境科学かん きょ うか がくKankyou kagakuenvironmental science
  1. 生物(seibutsu) = Living beings;
  2. 科学 = Also pronounced kagaku, means "science";
  3. 環境 (Kankyo) = Environment;
Japanese school subjects - Japanese vocabulary

Other Japanese school subjects

数学すう がくsuugakuMath
統計 (学)とう けい (がく)toukei (gaku)Statistics
工学こう がくkougakuEngineering
医学いが くigakumedical science
コンピューター・サイエンスKonpyūtā SaiensuComputer science
英語えい ごegoEnglish
雪氷学せっ ぴょ うが くseppyougakuglaciology
史学しが くshigakuHistory
家庭科かて いかkateikaDomestic economy
国語こく ごkokugoJapanese
日本語にほ んごnihongoJapanese
体育たい いくtaikuPE
宗教しゅ うき ょうShuukyouReligion

Unfortunately, some subjects may have been left off the list, such as optional subjects or school clubs. Thank you for visiting our site, we appreciate the comments and shares. xD

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