Battle Royale in Japan + Fortnite in Japanese

Both PUBG and Fortnite started a great era of games Battle Royale, where hundreds of people battle to death on an island. Have you ever wondered what influence these games have on Japan?

In this article, we will see some curiosities about Fortnite in Japan and other similar games. We will also see a list of Japanese words that can help you interact with Japanese people in the match.

Even after years, Fortnite manages to keep its players active and surprise addicts with iconic updates. We cannot forget to mention the successful Freefire mobile as well.

Japanese Playing a lot of Fortnite

In Japan, Kawaii games or fantasy RPGs dominate the whole country. Realistic FPS games are not so successful in Japan. If the Japanese wish to play with weapons, they turn to AirSoft.

Still, the charisma and artistry of the Fortnite game also dominated the Japanese. I constantly fall into a squad match with other Japanese players.

This is an opportunity to chat with them via voice chat. A good way to train your Japanese. In this article, we will even share a list of words from fortnite to help you communicate with Japanese people.

Battle royale in japan + fortnite in japanese

The Japanese work of Battle Royale

Before the popularization of Battle Royale games, since 1999 there has been a Japanese novel with exactly that title. If you don't know, the term was originally used by Romans in their battles with more than 3 people.

The Battle Royale novel that in Japanese is Batoru Rowaiaru [バトル・ロワイアル] was written by Koushun Takami and was completed as early as 1996. For several years this work yielded manga, films and almost had an American series on the CW.

The work shows a fictional Japan where young students are sent to an isolated island with collars and weapons in order to kill themselves until one survives. This work served as inspiration for future works and even games of the same style.

In this manga / novel the battle is televised in a Program, where high school students need to kill themselves until only one remains in 3 days, otherwise everyone will be killed. Creating even more tension.

Battle royale in japan + fortnite in japanese

Battle Royale Anime

There are some anime that followed the Battle Royale footprint as the most famous Btooom. In this anime, players in an online game are forced to fight to the death on an island using only bombs.

Another very interesting Battle Royale anime is called Danganronpa that mixes a little bit of investigation and judgment. In fact this anime is based on a visual novel game and has had several seasons.

Mirai Nikki is another Battle Royale anime where a dozen people have to kill themselves for the rest to become the God. They use diaries that help in the battle strategically in some way.

There are manga like Doubt that looks a lot like detective and murderer, in addition to the manga Ousama Game that even won a horrible anime adaptation that doesn't even mention. We cannot forget the Real Account as well.

Battle royale in japan + fortnite in japanese

Battle Royale and Fortnite in Japanese - Vocabulary

Below we will see the weapons and Items of the fortnite game, then we will see some words referring to the game. These words probably also exist in games like PUBG, Free Fire and other Battle-Royale.

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
Assault RifleアサルトライフルAsarutoraifuru
Gust Assault RifleバーストアサルトライフルBāsutoasarutoraifuru
Shotgun ポンプショットガンPonpushottogan
Tactical Shotgun タクティカルショットガンTakutikarushottogan
Hasp sniper rifleボルトアクションスナイパーBorutoakushonsunaipā
SMG - Machine gun サブマシンガンSabumashingan
Rocket launcher ロケットランチャーRokettoranchā
Bandage Bazooka バンテージバズーカBantējibazūka
Revolver with Miraスコープ付きリボルバーSukōpu-tsuki riborubā
Loose cannon ミニガンminigan
Glup JuiceスラープジュースSurāpujūsu
Stink bombスティンクボムSutinkubomu
Healing HealingチャグスプラッシュChagusupurasshu
Bush ブッシュBusshu

Fortnite Japanese Glossary

Responsive Table: Roll the table sideways with your finger >>
Item ShopアイテムショップAitemu shoppu
To eliminateエリミネートeriminēto 
Relief supplies救援物資kyūen 
Aerial battle空中戦gyofu kūchū-sen 
Storm areaストームエリアsutōmueria 
Instant arrival即着soku ki 
Dual pumpダブルポンプdaburu ponpu 

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