Haha no hi - Mother's Day in Japan

Mother's Day in Japan, Haha no Hi (母の日), was already celebrated on March 6, the birthday of Emperor Akihito's mother. But since 1949, the holiday follows the Western calendar, and is also celebrated in Japan on the second Sunday in May.

The celebration of a Mother's Day is old. Its origin dates back to ancient Greece, where the beginning of spring was celebrated in honor of Réa, mother of the gods. Mother's day as we know it today was only instituted in the United States in 1914. Anna Jarvis is recognized as the creator of the holiday. After her mother's death, she made a memorial to her mother. Then she started the campaign that took the institution of Mother's Day as a holiday. The current Mother's Day was celebrated for the first time on the second Sunday of May 1914 (May 8).

In Japan, the holiday was originally instituted by the Imperial Women's Union on March 6, 1931. During World War II, Western holidays were banned entirely in Japan. Only after the war, around 1949, Mother's Day returned to be celebrated across the country. This time following the Western calendar, as mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Haha no hi - mother's day in japan

How Mother's Day is celebrated in Japan

On that day, some families stay at home to enjoy everyday meals. But, with an important difference - the children are the cooks on Mother's Day. Other families prefer to eat out and stroll in the beautiful parks and squares across Japan. It all depends on the culinary talent of each one. Major events are also held across the country to celebrate Mother's Day in the Japanese style. Since primary school, children are encouraged to celebrate the holiday by making drawings and portraits of the mother.

Some Japanese delicacies for Mother's Day - Mother's food is always the best. We never forget the taste and we often inherit our mother's culinary talent. The famous sushi it is a good option to enjoy on Mother's Day. Japanese people also like:

  • Nimono (boiled dishes);
  • Tamagoyaki (rolled omelette);
  • Miso soup;
  • Chawanmushi (egg custard with ginkgo seeds);
  • Tofu;
  • Sashimi and others;

Haha no hi - mother's day in japan

Common Mother's Day Gifts

The most common gift on Japanese Mother's Day is the red carnation. O red carnation in Japan it is a symbol of purity, sweetness and resistance. So, it is not for nothing that this beautiful flower is so associated with mothers in Japan. Nor is it without reason the price increase. But giving flowers is not a rule. There is a huge variety of gifts and reminders for the occasion.

Mother's Day in Japan is not so different from what is celebrated in the rest of the world. But traditions and cultures make Haha No Hi a unique day in Japan. Here's the tip: Our mothers work every day of the year. So, let's give them the best gift every day of the year: Respect, love and affection.

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