Father's Day in Japan - Chichi no Hi

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Father's Day in Japan is celebrated in the third week of June, while in Brazil we celebrate on the second Sunday in August. In Japan, this date is called chichi no hi (父の日). In this article, we will see some curiosities about that date and how it is celebrated in Japan.

Father's day in Japan became popular around 1950. In Japan, this date is celebrated in a discreet way, families usually honor their parents and in-laws and give small gifts such as ties, drinks, food or something that the father likes. Some children usually make drawings, origami or give a bouquet of roses. Others usually take their parents out to eat at a fancy restaurant where they serve wagyu meat, or to take Sake.

The role of parents in Japan

Japan's parents are like those in any country, some are fun, quiet, serious and angry. Like any parent, they want to see their children grow up and want to take good care of them.


Dia dos pais

Some parents tend to be a little absent, most of the time because they work hard. Some Japanese said they used to see their father only 3 times a week. Of course, it shouldn't be generalized, in the house where I stayed I noticed the father taking a lot of time to take care and play with his daughters, a beautiful scene that I rarely see.

Other parents are usually absent but always support their children even after they are adults. This can be a big problem that generates problematic people called Hikikomori or Neet. There is also the typical father who wants to define his son's destiny and path, many guide his son to continue or follow the same family career.

Father's Day in Japanese

There are two ways to speak father in Japanese, which is 父 (chichi) which refers to the father himself and お父さん (otoosan) which is used most often to refer to other people's father. Children also often speak パパ (pope). To finish the article we will leave 2 sentences related to the parents' days.



  • Chichi no hi omedetou gozaimasu;
  • Happy Fathers Day;


  • Otousan, itsumo arigatou;
  • Father, thank you for everything;

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