What is prohibited and allowed to be taken to Japan in luggage?

You want to take a present as usual, to friends when making their trip to Japan? Do you need to take medicine, electronics and other products in your luggage? In this article, we will see what is prohibited and allowed to take to Japan in the luggage.

It is worth remembering that each country adopts its own rules of what is allowed or not allowed in the luggage. If you stop over in another country, make sure you are within all rules.

You may have to fill out a form about your belongings before leaving Brazil or entering Japan. At the airport in Brazil you will be alerted about what is and is not allowed in luggage.

What is forbidden and allowed to take to japan in the luggage?

You also need to be careful not to take many belongings of high value on their trip, due to the simple possibility that they will be taxed when they return to Brazil. Clothing and electronic equipment such as cameras, tablets, cell phones are exempt from taxes, but do not try to return to Brazil with 3 cell phones in the bag, which can be dangerous.

What is prohibited to carry in luggage when traveling to Japan?

Let's start by stating the obvious, everyone should know that firearms, bladed weapons, drugs and dangerous chemicals, money, cards and fake documents cannot be taken under any circumstances. Don't even think about things like lighters, scissors and pocket knives…

Although Japan is famous for the consumption of erotic games and manga, entering pornographic books, drawings and photos in a way exposed to the public is totally prohibited. Unauthorized plants and animals are also prohibited to prevent disease transmission.

What is forbidden and allowed to take to japan in the luggage?

Food and sausages such as salami, pepperoni sausage, cheese, fresh fruit, raw seeds and any perishable food are prohibited. Chocolates, canned goods, dried fruits like plums are allowed. Always take it in its original packaging! 

Aerosol (shaving cream and deodorant) can be taken, but you must observe the maximum size allowed by the airline. Remedies is recommended to take with the English recipe to avoid problems.

Although Japan is open to airsoft, you are not allowed to take them to Japan, let alone swords or hunting weapons. Avoid products that can be confused with drugs, poisons, explosives or harmful things as much as possible, in order to avoid confusion and problems when entering Japan.

What is forbidden and allowed to take to Japan in the luggage?

How not to be stopped at customs or taxed in Japan

Every country has a limit value for entering products without being taxed with taxes. Unfortunately we can only enter 500$ USD in products without being taxed, since Japan allows the entry of up to 200,000 yen (2000$ USD) without being taxed.

Most should know that products for personal use, clothing and some accessories do not fall under this value of products to be taxed. In Japan, any product with a value less than 10,000 yen does not count, but there is a limit to where they can consider the huge amount as an intention to trade.

You can take without being taxed:

  • 3 bottles of alcoholic beverages of 750ml each;
  • 100 cigars and 400 cigarettes with a maximum of 500g (half for the Japanese);
  • 2 perfume bottles;

Each bottle of additional drink can be priced at approximately 200 to 500 yen. We recommend not to take anything in large quantities to avoid problems. The declared product tax rate is 15%.

What is forbidden and allowed to take to japan in the luggage?

Undeclared cash can get you into trouble, you must carry a maximum of $ 10,000 (1,000,000 yen) in your hand without declaring.

You must be more afraid when it comes to returning to Brazil than taking it to Japan, because the tax exemption limits in Brazil sucks.

Other important information for your trip to Japan

Japan does not require the international vaccination card like some countries, but be aware of the countries in which you stopover. Some other restrictions may be imposed by the airlines or countries involved.

If you intend to take any animal or medicine, you need to make sure you have all the permits and documents to avoid any problems. I hope you have a good trip, and be careful not to overuse the Tax Free and be barred at Brazilian customs exceeding the limit of 500$.

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