Tax Free: see how it works and its main information

Did you know that not only Japan, but several countries allow their tourist visitors to buy products without paying taxes? In this article we will see everything about Tax Free!

Every time you buy a product abroad, you also pay a local tax (VAT – Value Added Tax) which is included in the value, being something extremely common, due to the taxes applied. That is why it is important to pay attention to the tax free.

Some countries understand that it's not fair for tourists to pay for things they don't like, so they've developed something called a tax-free rate. Something that helps people who are traveling and visiting different places. Japan is one of those countries.

Including, being the tourist dream of many who want to know the main postcards that are part of European countries, and who want to know even more about the culture of different countries and places that carry many stories and moments.

With this, the importance of tax free is clear, which basically means tax free, that is, it is a tax refund scheme for purchases made through tourism. The amount received depends on the country and can be up to 25%.

Furthermore, the tax exemption applies only to purchased products, not to contracted services or restaurants. That's why it's important to have the knowledge, especially to get the right products and services back.

As an example, we can think of a purchase of alarm for trade in Europe. Well, by applying the tax free to this purchase, and getting the amount paid for the product tax to be reinstated, this makes the purchase even more viable and practical.

The entire EU and countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Australia, as well as some countries in the East, establish the tax free. Even before boarding the plane, it is worth checking the regulations of each location to find out if the destination is tax-exempt.

To make the most of your trip, making a possible shopping trip or trip to get to know the place and have fun becomes even better.

How does Tax Free work in Japan?

In most countries the refund takes place after purchase at the Airport. In Japan, however, things happen a little differently, you already buy things without tax.

In Japan, products display prices with and without tax in all stores, even in small markets and convenience stores. The product tax in Japan is 10%.

Tourists who are touring Japan with tourist visa can make purchases over 5000 yen without paying this 10% tax at stores that offer Tax Free.

If you are in a Tax Free store, you may need to go to a specific cashier marked Tax Free, then they will paste a receipt in your passport.

There are rules such as not using certain products purchased in Japan, but the airport inspectors are unlikely to want to see the products you have purchased. Usually they just ask you to rip the papers out of your passport and put them in a box.

Tax - tax free: see how it works and its main information
Tax Free in Japan

Learn more about how Tax Free works

You must be wondering how to really get your money back in your pocket, right? Well, below will be shown procedures to have the refund of the amount, and to have a greater ease during the process for this receipt.

Refunds must be requested at the airport when leaving the country. If you are visiting Europe, you must request it when you leave your destination. That is, managing to organize to request this refund in the best possible way.

Let's say your itinerary includes France, Spain and ends in Italy. Keep your receipts along the way, at the Italian airport, when returning to Brazil, present all documents obtained in the three countries.

For example, buying a safety net hook, It is important to have enough organization with invoices and receipts, these being the main means of reimbursement, and it is not possible to obtain this return in case of loss of items.

When you arrive at the airport, go to the customs desk and present your passport, purchase receipt and form. Simple documents when it comes to an international trip.

At this point, it may be necessary to display the purchased product. Therefore, the tip is to store your purchases in the same suitcase. Avoid checking your luggage before going through this process.

This tip is important so that you don't have a bigger inconvenience during this Tax Free process. That's because an unpleasant situation can occur if you are not careful with this tip.

So, whether you're buying an everest soft filter or any other item, it's very important to pay attention to all the details, as well as keep everything organized, especially if you need to show the item at the airport. 

Well, after delivery and confirmation of the form, an intermediary payment will be made. Furthermore, refunds will be made as you instructed when filling out the guide. 

Options include: credit card (payment period of up to 30 days); cash (in this case there may be a discount on the service charge).

Thus, facilitating the return and payment during this process, being easily applied in the most diverse products that can be imagined, as an example a automatic roll up door, among other items.

Remember, you won't be the only one claiming your tax refund. People who have knowledge about this feature always opt for a refund, due to the advantage that is applied within this action as a whole.

So it is quite possible that, in addition to the bureaucracy, there are long lines at the counter and then when you are served. Therefore, it is advisable to arrive two hours in advance, in addition to the time requested by your airline. 

Know the application rules

It is important to note that there are some rules when talking about Tax Free, thinking about it, we list the main topics below, which are:

To facilitate understanding, we cover a little about each of the items. Keep reading and stay informed!

1 - Right to Tax Free

The tax exemption is available to anyone who does not reside in the EU. For example, if you spend time in Europe for study purposes, you will no longer be considered a tourist.

Taking into account mainly the issue of tourism, being fully beneficiary for these issues and means, not applying for other purposes.

As an example, a person who decides to reside in some countries where Tax Free applies. So this person works in a automation company, All products consumed and purchased during this time will not be part of this return.

2 - Time

Tax Free is only valid for 90 days and tax refunds are only available within that period. In addition, this is the maximum period that a Brazilian tourist can stay in Europe without a visa.

Going against the maximum time within the countries of Europe and the various countries that are part of this tax free process, it is difficult to waste time, if you choose the option.

3 - Dual Nationality

It is not uncommon to find Brazilians with dual nationality, i.e. passports from Italy, Portugal, etc. These individuals can only apply for tax exemption if they enter with a Brazilian passport, denying them the right not to go through immigration services.

It is worth mentioning that to enjoy the tax-free treatment, foreigners can pay in cash or with a credit card or prepaid card. Being one of the most used means in international travel, there are no problems with the payment method.

4 - Minimum amount

The minimum amount will depend on each EU country, so you should do a detailed research on the country in question and even ask in any store/mall. Remembering that the items also have different values, for example, a storz key price it's a dress.

However, with experiences in Italy. The minimum purchase amount must be 154.94 euros. A considerably high value considering some points that will be taken into account.

But to get an idea of the “rules” of each country in this regard, it is possible to claim a tax exemption of €61.65 in Portugal. The difference in value is huge, so attention to each location of the trip is essential.

Also remember that the amount spent can only be in the same store and in the same purchase. That is, you cannot “group” all your purchases for the day to reach the minimum amount, and you cannot even shop at the same store on consecutive days to reach the minimum amount.

- tax free: see how it works and its main information

See what are the advantages of Tax Free

The tax refund amount varies between 16% and 25% depending on the country of purchase. Duty free registration is worth it as it is extra money left over for your next trip or shopping at the airport duty free shop.

If you bought an expensive item, recovering that tax can make a big difference. That is, being able to apply the money of the return in several possible ways in your country, as in a office automation and start your business.

The greater the value of your purchases, the greater your chances of showing the product and receipt at customs, so know the purchase limits for each country and separate the products in your suitcase to facilitate the search (in case you need to open the suitcase at customs).

Therefore, the importance of knowing this tool is fundamental, making the trip even better, with the known means and with facilitation during several stages of this trip.

It is even greater for trips that involve shopping or that are made to acquire products that will be necessary for your daily life, or will make up part of the house or office of various businesses such as monolithic coating, between others.


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