A farm inside a building? Meet Pasona O2


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When we think we've seen it all, Japan surprises us. This time in Tokyo there is a building called Pasona O2, which is actually an underground farm located in Otemachi district of Chiyoda. The first notable thing in this building is the branches and leaves that come out of the window. This farm building has about 4,000 square meters dedicated to the green space where more than 200 different types of plants, vegetables, fruits and others are cultivated.

Pasona is a group that owns a traditional farm in Ogata, but with the intention of expanding its business, created this building in Tokyo to train young people and offer job opportunities in the agricultural world. This pasona building was created in 2010 with the help of Kono Designs, the building has 9 floors and allows employees to plant and harvest their own food.

Uma fazenda dentro de um prédio? Conheça pasona o2

In the absence of sunlight, plants are supported by artificial light from diodes, light emitters, metal halide lamps and sodium vapor lamps. The temperature of the place is controlled by computer and the vegetables are grown by a pesticide. Some plants are grown in water and almost no soil is used in a method called hydroponics. With this method, it is believed that it is possible to make a plant grow 30 to 50% faster.

Getting to know the farm building - Pasona O2

Upon arriving at the site you will find more than 50 different types of rose being cultivated, in addition to several other flowers grown by white LEDs. This underground farm produces 100 different types of fruits and vegetables. To take advantage of space, the seeds are germinated in drawers, the tomatoes are grown hydroponically, and the plants crawl across the ceilings. In another room you will find a rice field on shelves, being grown with metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium. Lettuces are grown with fluorescent lamps.

Uma fazenda dentro de um prédio? Conheça pasona o2

  • Room 1 - Field of Flowers;
  • Room 2 - Field of Herbs;
  • Room 3 - Rice Field;
  • Room 4 - Fruits and Vegetables;
  • Room 5 - Vegetable field;
  • Room 6 - Seed room;

It is important to note that this is not a simple building with plants growing on the wall. It was entirely designed with this designer, where flowers and orange trees are planted on the balconies. We must think that this building is a large plantation used for educational workshops and members of the agricultural community.

The place is open to the public and has a café where you can have a great view of the farm while having a coffee. All food is collected in the building and served in the cafeteria. If you are close to Tokyo Station, be sure to visit the place. What do you think? Did you know this place? We appreciate comments and shares.