Yoyogi Park – The biggest park in Tokyo

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If you are traveling through Tokyo the Yoyogi Park or Yoyogi Koen (代々木公園) is an indispensable place of your trip. Its location is great, being between Shibuya, Shinjuku and harajuku, the 3 most popular tourist districts in Tokyo. In other words, the park is in the midst of many outstanding tourist attractions, such as Meiji Shrine, shops and cafes, hachiko and others.

Yoyogi Park is quite peaceful, with lots of green areas, a lake with a play of lights and water jets. There are several beverage machines, cute dogs walking and an NHK building, which can give you the opportunity to see a Japanese artist. The park is gigantic taking up almost half of the neighborhood with its 540,000m². The park is divided into a forested area with trees that can reach up to 30 meters, with 3 fountains and lakes to enjoy nature. The other part of the park is a place with sports facilities, athletics and baseball stadiums.

Yoyogi Park - the biggest park in tokyo

In addition to enjoying nature and animal life, several events are held in the park throughout the year. On weekends, there are many street performers, families and friends enjoying picnics and sports. It is worth walking along all the trails and feeling nature. Despite being the biggest and greenest park, some may find it monotonous and prefer parks and small and colorful gardens.

Facts about Yoyogi Park

The yoyogi park is located where the first plane flight took place in Japan in 1910. Over time it was used as a military area, in 1945 it was used for the Olympic Games and in 1967 it began to be transformed into a park.

If you go to the park on Sunday you will find different types of people, dancers practicing, actors rehearsing a scene, drunk people, parties, lovers making out, tourists with giant cameras, fashion events, dog races, rockers, etc. In the center of the park you will find Chuo Hiroba, a grassy area with a large pond with fountains, a clock tower and a flower garden with more than 30 different varieties.

Yoyogi Park - the biggest park in tokyo

At the gate next to the park office, you will find a monument with 14 Daito-juku members. A right-wing organization that committed group suicide on the spot on August 25, 1945.

The Olympic Village site remains in the southeastern corner of the park. There you find the Sample Garden with trees cultivated by Olympic athletes who brought seeds from their countries. Yoyogi Park is well known for its relaxed and friendly international atmosphere. This is where the Japanese open up and do whatever they want despite Japan's rigidity.


My Yoyogi Park Walk

My experience was not the best, I was alone and it was raining. I got off at Shibuya station and took the picture with hachiko, then I went on the busiest crossing in the world, which was empty because of the rain and it was morning. I bought some clothes and then made the long journey through the park, through Harajuku until I arrived in Shinjuku…

Yoyogi Park - the biggest park in tokyo

I recommend doing this route, so you have the opportunity to see all the places in one day. If you want to quickly access the park, we recommend getting off at Harajuku Station. Have you ever visited Yoyogi Park? What was your experience? We'd love to hear from your comment, and we appreciate your sharing.

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