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O "Rising ” youtube is a very curious area that shows the popular videos of the day on Youtube. According to youtube's description, he tries to select the most relevant videos to appear on a featured page. Is it really so? In this article we are going to talk a little about the rise of youtube and compare that of Brazil and Japan.

Before I want to mention that I made a video talking about the rise of Brazil x Japan and commenting on some personal opinions about this wonderful tab “Rising ” from YouTube. Below I will leave the video I made, it was something simple, I hope you like it:

What is the problem with "Em Alta" on youtube?

The purpose of the rising tab is to show popular videos according to their view count, growth, age of the video, and view source. According to youtube, the selected videos attract a wide variety of viewers with new and unique content, they are not misleading, hyped or induce clicks.

Then there’s the big problem, what youtube says about the hot videos doesn’t reflect the content found in this tab at all. Most of the time they are videos without editing, copied from Brazilian television or from another place that inflicts copyright. Many videos are full-on click-baits to make money from ads.

YouTube never seems to review the few videos that appear on the top every day, allowing content that is pirated, controversial, without content or that simply shouldn't be on YouTube. A great injustice since sometimes we take flags and strikes for using 5 seconds of a song or video, while people upload whole things without rights and appear on the high.

Em Alta do Youtube is really a big joke - Mr. Wilson

High on youtube - japan x brazil

The cultural difference of Japanese vs. Brazilian “Rising”

There are striking differences from “on the rise” in Brazil to “on the rise” in Japan. Before mentioning that YouTube in Japan is not as popular as in Brazil, with great competitors such as single single douga. Even so, Japanese YouTube is able to show a more relevant and comprehensive content than the Brazilian one.

The “on the rise” of Brazilian YouTube is now full of videos involving politics, funk and literally entire cuts of Brazilian television programs, mainly soap operas, without any authorization from the television network. Some do worse and simply write a text summarizing the episode of the soap opera, play it on youtube and it goes up.

Another very popular thing in the Brazilian high are the football videos, in addition to sensational videos and trends like hot knife, 100 layers, trollings and other bizarre things. There is a very interesting channel called Gemaplys that made videos commenting a little on the hot and other bizarre things that are successful on youtube.

When navigating Japan's high, things are different, videos are much more diverse, we rarely find anything from television or copied without copyrights. Still it is possible to find bizarre things because it is Japanese culture, a lot of things involving horror, anime and music.

Even because Japanese culturally are not to violate rules, some even pay to download individual songs instead of downloading free on the internet to prevent piracy. Perhaps it is one of the main reasons for not having so much content without copyright in the high Japanese. If you follow the trend in other countries, comment details below.

Youtube became a desperate zone after money and views, making videos without content and uninformative.

High on youtube - japan x brazil

Don't support the crime of hot videos

Do I really want to understand how difficult it is for YouTube to get a person to manually review the few videos that come up on their website? why do that automatically? It is not even necessary to watch the videos, just reviewing the titles of the video to understand that the video was not meant to be on the rise.

Brazilian YouTube has become a dump full of rubble with videos without any content, totally designed to misinform people and brainwash with lying content or that presents comedy in a distorted way with a lot of shame from others. Just watch the Gemaplys videos to understand what I'm talking about.

If you find a video on the rise and notice that it doesn't make any sense, it is a copy and not original content, or it is something misleading in order to lose time and generate profit, just report it. So let's make youtube a cleaner place. If you liked the short article, just share it with friends and leave your comments.

The easiest thing to do is change the country on youtube so you don't have to be contaminated with high content

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