80 Social Networks in Japan

It is difficult to find someone who does not use any means of communication over the internet. And when you think about the media, you already think about social networks, websites and more. But have you ever wondered what or how Japan's apps, websites and social networks are? Here is a short list of some popular applications, social networks and websites in Japan:

LINE [ライン]

Line is WhatsApp from Japan, it is an application for calls, free free messages, voice messages, it has all the functions of WhatsApp and more, you can change and customize the application your way and also has the Timeline feature, where you can post your photos and your friends can comment and enjoy, more or less like the Facebook timeline, there are also several services like LINE App, LINE game, LINE taxi and others.

Japan social networks

MOBAGE [モバゲー]

Mobage was launched as (Mobage Town) in 2006 and on March 28, 2011 recognized as (Mobage). It is a social network and portal for games. Its main objective is to function as a game distributor where application developers can use this platform to share their games with millions of users. There you can find different categories of games and have fun with your friends.

Official site: https://www.mbga.jp/

Japan social networks


Since Line is WhatsApp from Japan then niconic is YouTube from Japan, YouTube is also popular in Japan but niconic is more. It was released on December 12, 2006 and has three languages available: Japanese, English and Chinese. Niconico is a video hosting service, where your users will be able to upload, view and share video clips.

Japan social networks

GREE [グリー]

Gree is a social platform for mobile games and was founded in the same year as Facebook in 2004 Tokyo-Japan, providing more than seven thousand games and applications to its users.

It became popular in Japan because in 2007 "Fishing Star" was one of the first mobile games in the world, this platform has more than 26 million registrations in Japan and more than 155 million registrations in the world.

Japan social networks

Official site: https://gree.jp/

Twitter [ツイッター]

Twitter launched in 2006 and currently has more than 313 million active users worldwide. Twitter started to become more popular in Japan in recent years when it had the earthquake and tsunami in 2011. Now with the feature of “Lifeline”, a service that helps people communicate when another communication service goes down.

Official site: https://twitter.com/?lang=ja

Japan social networks

Mixi [ミクシィ]

Mixi was launched in 2004 and has more than 25 million members. It has become the most visited social network in Japan. To join this social network it is necessary to be invited by a registered member or to live in Japan. With the high use of Line and Twitter this network has fallen a little in decline, a of its advantages is total privacy.

Official site: https://mixi.jp/

Of course, many other social networks have their popularity in Japan, such as Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Tumblr, Google and many others, but the social networks mentioned in this article dominate Japan. Do you use any of these networks?

Japan social networks

Japan SNS Social Network List

We are not going to talk in detail about each existing social network in Japan because it would take years. Some simply went bankrupt, others still exist with a very small community. Below is a list of all social networks in Japan:

  • circle player
  • GREE
  • Lang-8
  • LINE
  • Misskey
  • mixi
  • ixim
  • Net City
  • Amoeba グルっぽ
  • Netlog
  • Noritel
  • Serend (セレンド)
  • UbiBay
  • Uncoon (アンクーン)
  • Worldia
  • オリラン
  • カフェスタ
  • コトノハ
  • 趣味人倶楽部
  • 前略プロフィール
  • みなくるホーム
  • みんながつくる街
  • 楽天リンクス
  • ワンメイク
  • 大集合 NEO
  • モバゲータウン
  • ドコモコミュニティ
  • mobion
  • ジュエル・コミュ
  • みんなの株式
  • ネコジルシ
  • みんカラ
  • コスプレ Cure
  • Filn
  • pixiv
  • zigsow
  • とりあえずビール
  • e * meters (イーメーターズ)
  • Xacariva (サカリバ)
  • NazoLab
  • Lounge Lounge
  • 異業種ネット
  • Pop-Company
  • マチマチ
  • Lobi
  • Miiverse
  • ひま部
  • QuonNet
  • 法政大学オレンジコミュニティ
  • 千葉大学校友会 SNS Curio

For Photos and Videos

  • creative people
  • Sketch
  • フォト蔵
  • So-net Photo
  • OCN フォトフレンド
  • zoome
  • pick
  • ally (SNS)

Specialized in Communication

  • コミュチカ
  • ラブマツ
  • 山武SNS
  • 豊川地域ポータルサイトみてみン!
  • @ ami’z (アミーズ)
  • ちよっピー
  • おここなごーか
  • はちみーつ
  • ちちぶ市民ネットワークサービス
  • おおがき地域SNS
  • いけいけすざか
  • e--じゃん掛川
  • お茶っ人
  • マチカネっ人
  • goto かたらんねっと
  • ま~じんま奄美市地域SNS
  • Lococom
  • げんき--net-ひたちなか-sns
  • 桜川市地域SNSコミュニティ
  • おおつSNS
  • 日刊わしら

Facebook and Instagram

Japanese people also use these social networks, especially Instagram. Often your profiles can be deserted and abandoned, but you will be able to find many people in them. We have an article that talks a little bit about how use Facebook in Japanese to leverage your study in languages.

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