YouTube channels that talk about Japan


In this article we will list several YouTube Channels that talk about Japan, they are diverse, each one with its exclusivity. This article is specific about youtubers channels in Brazilian Portuguese or Japanese who speak Portuguese.

Don't look at this list as the best channels being the first ones on the list ... I didn't prioritize their order, it was the ones I remembered and thought I was putting. But the first ones on the list are the best known.

We are not mentioning a list of best youtube channels in Japan In japanese.

The channels that talk about Japan that I follow

Before we make a list of channels about Japan, I will share the main ones that I follow. It doesn't mean that others are bad, I just have little time on youtube and I like faster videos without being daily vlogs.

Hillbilly in Japan - One of my favorite channels, because Caipira speaks the truth in the face of Brazilians living in Japan. He really knows what he does and tries to see things in a positive and certain way, he addresses many controversial issues that Brazilians lack the courage to discuss.

Rabbit in Japan - One of my favorite channels, a couple of young Brazilians without descent who live in Tokyo. Remember that his channel is more focused and Nintendo than in Japan, are two things I love.

YouTube channels that talk about japan

Our Daily Japan - One of the most famous Japan YouTube channels in Brazil. Their videos are great and well designed, although I believe their videos are more targeted at children, reviewing things from Japan.

Santana Channel - Your videos are unique and are usually fast, direct and often with Japanese subtitles and audios. A little focused on cooking, but lately Santana Fonseca has been making videos of different points and culture in Japan.

These are the 4 channels about Japan that I watch. Of course, there are many others like the famous Aqui Pode, Crazy Japan TV and some others. Better get to know each one in person using the next list below.

List of YouTube channels that talk about Japan

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I hope you enjoyed the article. If you liked it, don't forget to share and leave your comments. What is your favorite YouTube channel that talks about Japan? Share your opinion with us.

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