Youtube channels that talk about Japan

In this article we will list Several Youtube Channels that talk about Japan, there are several, each with its own uniqueness. This article is specific about youtubers channels in English from Brazilians or Japanese who speak English.

Don't see this list as the best channels being the first on the list... I didn't prioritize their order, it was the ones I remembered and found and put them. But the first ones on the list are the best known.

We are not mentioning a list of best youtube channels in japan In japanese.

The channels that talk about Japan that I follow

Before we make a list of channels about Japan, I will share the main ones that I follow. It doesn't mean the others are bad, I just have little time on youtube and I like faster videos without being daily vlogs.

ONLY in JAPAN - ONLY in JAPAN is a channel which not only highlights key places to visit, it looks at what makes Japan so unique in a journalistic and entertaining way.

Abroad in Japan - Chris Broad, a British guy who moved to Japan to work as an English teacher. Follow the adventure of this British guy and his companions like Natsuki.

Mikan In Japan - A 20 year old who recently moved to Japan! Just want to show you a snippet of her life!!

Japan Guide - This is the official YouTube channel of They aim to provide quality information about travelling in Japan and also inspire people to visit. Follow us to keep up with the latest updates.

That Japanese Man Yuta - Um dos meus canais favoritos, nesse canal temos uma visão dos japoneses sobre diversos assuntos e também muitas aulas de japonês. One of the first English-speaking Japanese YouTubers. I talk about Japanese culture, language, and anime.

List of Youtube channels that talk about Japan

Below is a list of channels that talk about Japan:

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