2channel and 4chan – The influence of forums and imageboard

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In the West we know reddit as the father of all forums. In it we find several communities on various subjects, where the news and information we need on a given subject originate. In Japan, other forums are responsible for spreading news, viruses, memes and several other famous things that spread around the world. In this article, we will see the most famous forums and imageboard (2chan, 4chan) among the Japanese and how they influenced the world.

Japan’s online community is very active in forums, especially otaku. In addition to the forums, other communities are widely used as the single single, twitter and others popular social networks in Japan. In addition, we can see several sites and communities with a large flow of Japanese users.

But what the hell is an imageboard? You may have never heard of this term, it refers to forums, communities or channels that are based on posting images and text anonymously. The world's first imageboard was 2chan, derived from the 2channel text forum. These 2 creations were responsible for influencing the internet in a gigantic way that we will see in this article.

2channel and 4chan1 2chan - the influence of forums and imageboard

2channel - Japan’s largest forum

2channel is the most popular forum in Japan. It was founded on May 30, 1999 by Hiroyuki Nishimura (西村博之), with the aim of creating a place where people could post their opinions anonymously. The site is so popular that it has received around 10 million visits a day for years, where there were more than 2 million posts daily. Currently it still receives about 5 million visits a day.

The site has gained significant influence in Japanese society, comparable to radio, magazines, TV and newspapers. The website is quite simple, its focus is only on texts, messages and images, do not expect any designer evolution. It was there that several text emoji and other concepts that we know.

Each thread created on 2channel has a limit of 1000 posts. This prevents old topics from being revived and keeps current affairs alive. Old topics are moved to a file, and eventually deleted.

2channel and 4chan1 2chan - the influence of forums and imageboard

2chan and the rise of the imageboard

In 2001 a 2channel derivative called 2chan or futaba channel. This imageboard or image and text sharing forum is mainly used by Otaku and meme creators. These sites do not usually require registration and preach anonymity. They are divided into several sub-forums with each one having its own specific content and guidelines. It was on 2chan that memes and concepts such as Yaranaika and OS-TAN emerged.

The futaba channel and some other imageboards do not archive their publications. So only active users can follow and enjoy meme creations. Fortunately, when a meme or viral is posted on these forums, they are quickly spread to external sites. There is a philosophy of users of 2chan that prevents many publications from leaving there. To end this exclusivity of the Japanese, Westerners created a similar website.

Inspired by 2chan, westerners created the 4chan. Although the site is English, it has a large community of Japanese members. O 4chan was responsible for the emergence of thousands of memes and virals on the internet. It is believed that it was in the 4chan that the birth of the anonymous hacking group emerged. Both 4chan and 2chan have sub-forums related to Japanese otaku culture. 4chan was sold to 2channel founder Hiroyuki Nishimura.

Brazil was not left out and created its own imagemboard called 55chan. Here, all types of cancer and memes created by Brazilians are born. In addition to these sites mentioned, 8chan emerged as a more liberal version of 4chan, and a rival 7chan.

List of boards - 4chan themes

4chan and similar sites are divided into thematic channels. 4chan has about 63 thematic channels, each named with letters between bars. For example: /TV/ is dedicated to television and films. Below we will leave a list of board (as they are called), the subcategories for you to find what you want. It is worth mentioning that a / b / is the most popular, a random category that has everything, beware that you can find adult and extreme content in this random category. Below we will see a list with some categories:

2channel and 4chan1 2chan - the influence of forums and imageboard
  • /a/ Anime and Manga
  • / w / Anime / Cute
  • / w / Anime / Wallpapers
  • /m/ Mecha
  • /cgl/ Cosplay and EGL
  • / cm / Cute / Male
  • / f / Flash
  • / jp / Otaku Culture
  • /vp/ Pokemon
  • / v / Video Games
  • / vg / Video Game
  • / vr / Retro Games
  • / co / Comics & Cartoons
  • / g / Technology
  • / tv / Television & Film
  • / k / Weapons
  • / o / Auto
  • / an / Animals & Nature
  • / tg / Traditional Games
  • / sp / Sports
  • / asp / Alternative Sports
  • / sci / Science & Math
  • / int / International
  • / out / Outdoors
  • / toy / Toys
  • / biz / Business & Finance
  • / i / Oekaki
  • / po / Papercraft & Origami
  • / p / Photography
  • / ck / Food & Cooking
  • / ic / Artwork / Critique
  • / wg / Wallpapers / General
  • / mu / Music
  • こん- いろ
  • / b / Random
  • / r / Request
  • / r9k / ROBOT9001
  • / in / Politically incorrect
  • / soc / Cams & Dating
  • / s4s / Shit 4chan Says

Influence of forums and imageboard

These unscrupulous discussion sites feature dozens of message boards and “picture forums” in several different general categories, ranging from Japanese animation to travel. These sites suffer from various problems due to their popularity, things like hacker hacking, post abuse, hate speech, extremely wrong content, user competitions and others.

Channels like 4chan are no longer a secret club and are now a big factory of memes and meaningless discussions. Your community is very random full of posts related to anime and manga. There are more than 15 million active users, so it is impossible to maintain an organization on the site, fortunately the categories and tags help in this regard.

2channel and 4chan1 2chan - the influence of forums and imageboard

We have already written articles about some memes that have appeared on these sites. You can see a list below:

In short, the 2channel forum gave rise to the futaba imageboard, which gave rise to 4chan. These are the 2 most popular communities in the world along with reddit. It was thanks to these 3 sites that various information, viruses and memes reach us. Did you know or have already accessed these sites? What do you think of them? We would like to hear your opinion in the comments.

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