How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

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We already talked how the Japanese manage to stay so young through good nutrition, climate and genetics. Today we are going to talk about the products that the Japanese use against signs of expression, wrinkles, sagging face, etc. From creams to bizarre inventions.

We have written several articles on skin care and aging. However, none of them were specific about how Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging, sometimes even bizarrely. Can the Japanese escape this calamitous age?

Why am I writing about anti-wrinkle?

The idea of writing this article came from spying on some enemy sites (brinks) looking for interesting subjects to write here. I found that people's interest in creams and beauty products is numerous and profitable.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

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These are just a few of the keywords that I found when doing my research. Of course, I personally do not believe much in most products sold, but the Japanese know the true secrets of anti-aging.

How do Japanese women avoid aging?

As I mentioned in another article, the cold climate is a great contributor to preserve the skin. In Brazil we are used to catching a strong sun most of the time, causing spots and wrinkles on the skin.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

Brazilian food is also one of the worst in the world. While Japanese food is rich in magnesium, they eat fish rich in omega 3, eat misoshiru daily and even bullshit does less harm than in Brazil.

Not to mention that the Japanese have the habit of bathing in hot springs with waters rich in magnesium and other minerals. Virtually everything in Japan is done to keep Japanese young and beautiful.

Of course, unfortunately there is no way to escape old age, many try, but around 40 things get worse, makeup is part of the daily life of Japanese women and the despair for beauty products increases even more.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

Do Japanese women use anti-aging creams?

Some people must imagine that Japan, its climate, customs and cuisine is largely responsible for Japanese women being 40 years old and 20 years old. This is not always true, a lot of makeup and beauty products are involved.

Some Japanese women focus on maintaining beauty and need to follow a very strict routine in food and skin creams. We have already written an article talking about creams and beauty products that Japanese women use to care for their skin.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

This time we will be more specific and talk about extreme ways that Japanese women use to maintain their youthful appearance, fight wrinkles and prevent aging. From creams to bizarre gadgets.

Anti-wrinkle creams from Japan

Talking about anti-wrinkle creams, against fine lines or sagging is quite complicated. There are thousands of creams, oils, serums, lotions, scrubs and Japanese products to combat aging or skin problems.

DHC and SHISEIDO brand products are the most famous in Japan when it comes to skin. It is not recommended to use many products or to use heavy creams during the day. This can have the opposite effect and cause pimples, oiliness in the skin, in addition to blocking the pores.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

Cream treatments should be done at night thoroughly after washing your face. At night, your body temperature rises while you sleep, which means that your product will penetrate a little more.

Below I will leave a list of Japanese products recommended by my-best. I recommend researching each one in detail to understand its main function and use.

  1. Beauty Mall Premium APPS + E Fullerene Serum (ビューティーモール APPS + E (TPNa)フラーレン美容液)
  2. RISOU Repair Gel (リソウリペアジェル)
  3. Sofina Lift Professional EX (ソフィーナリフトプロフェッショナルハリ美容液 EX)
  4. Dr.Ci:Labo Super White 377VC (ドクターシーラボスーパーホワイト377VC)
  5. Melano CC Medicated Blemish Prevention W Vitamin Serum (メラノCC 薬用しみ集中対策 Wビタミン浸透美容液)
  6. POLA BA Prislumina Serum (POLA BA セラムプリズルミナ)
  7. SHISEIDO Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate N (SHISEIDO アルティミューンパワライジングコンセントレート N)
  8. Albion Upsurge Solution (アルビオンアップサージソリューション)
  9. Elixir enriched serum (エリクシールシュペリエルエンリッチドセラム)
  10. MUJI Aging Care Moisturizing Essence ( 無印良品エイジングケアプレミアム美容液)
  11. MAIHADA KATSUJUN Lift Essence (米肌活潤リフトエッセンス)
  12. HAKU melanofocus V 45 Whitening Serum (HAKU 45 ラノフォーカス V 45 美白美容液)
  13. SK-II Genoptics Spot Essence (SK-II ジェノプティクススポットエッセンス)
  14. ORBIS Lift Bright Essence (オルビスリフトブライトエッセンス )
  15. NOV L&W Lift Essence (ブブ L&W リフトエッセンス)

Beauty Treatment Clinics in Japan

Japanese women usually get some professional treatment from some specialists. There are specialized beauty clinics in different places. Some resort to simple treatments or even surgeries after a certain age.

You can do a simple cleaning of the skin, buy some strong medicine, make treatments that remove wrinkles, sagging skin, pores or a whitening. Such treatments can easily exceed 10,000 yen.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

In addition to skin cleansing clinics, Japanese women have a very common custom of going to massage parlors that often include facial massages with oils that help moisturize and treat the skin. A relaxation that turned into a treatment.

Sauna is another very popular thing in Japan and can be found in all onsen and SPAs around the country. Some Japanese women go to the bathrooms daily and take care of their skin naturally using these and other means provided.

Adhesives, MASKS and anti-wrinkle bands

Now let’s get into the bizarre parts. The Japanese invent so many things that go unnoticed by the population or draw attention from all over the world. One of these things are stickers, masks or bands to eliminate wrinkles.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

They invent stickers and masks of all types and shapes. Some are usually made of silicone, but others are even made of aluminum. Some promise to maintain the shape of the face to avoid wrinkles and expression lines.

I don’t even know which mask to recommend, there are thousands of them and you can take a long look at the oddities of the stickers and masks on the website Japan Trend Shop. There you can see detailed information about these stickers and masks, in addition to purchasing them.

Anti-wrinkle oral and nasal devices

Believe it or not, there are nasal and oral devices that promise to eliminate wrinkles. They promise to shape your face, nose and mouth in a way that prevents wrinkles and even improves the appearance of your face. The Japanese have nothing to invent ...

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

Some of these products are made to train smile and facial expressions. Others even promise to change the voice. There are thousands of products that are horrendous by far, but that can have some result. Don’t forget that you also have anti-wrinkle glasses.

Other bizarre Japanese products against aging

In addition to masks, stickers, bands, mouthpieces, glasses and nasal devices, there are also other unusual devices that promise to help Japanese women avoid aging and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

One of the most bizarre products I found while browsing the site Japan Trend Shop it was the ReFa Carat Platinum Electronic Roller. Things are starting to look strange in the shape of the device that promises to treat your skin with microcurrent therapy.

How do Japanese women fight wrinkles and aging?

In addition to this metal roller, we have a product that looks more like a rice cooker made by itself Panasonic. O Panasonic Nano Care Night Beauty Face Steamer promises to care for and moisturize your skin and hair while you sleep.

If you want to browse and find bizarre products to treat skin like this. We recommend accessing the store Japan Trend Shop by clicking here.

These are some of the bizarre ways that Japanese people take care of their skin. Of course, most normal Japanese use only creams and clinical treatments, but have you ever met any brave women who used such a bizarre product?

If you liked the article, share and leave your comments. Finally, we recommend reading our complementary article that talks about Japanese forms of skin care.

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