The most bizarre Japanese products from the Japan Trend Shop

Japan Trend Shop is an online store where you can find the most bizarre and unusual Japanese products in the world. In this article, I want to introduce you to the most bizarre Japanese products I found on this site.

Throughout the article I will mention the name of several products. If you want to purchase any of them, we recommend accessing the website Japan Trend Shop and search for the keyword cited to find the product or similar.

There is a Japanese word for useless and bizarre inventions that is chindogu [珍道具] and literally means unusual tool. Its goal is to solve particle problems, but sometimes it goes too far.

What is Japan Trend Shop?

The Japan Trend Shop is an international online store that sells products imported from Japan. On this site you can find practically everything that is a Japanese product type, bizarre products.

The Online Store Japan Trend Shop is located in Tokyo and specializes in selling innovative lifestyle products, design products, gadgets and more. The company was founded in 2001 and already has more than 5,000 products.

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

As the name suggests, the purpose of the site is to bring Japanese trends and innovative inventions to the rest of the world. On this site you will not only find bizarre things, but thematic and unique products that satisfy any lover of Japanese culture, games, anime and drawings.

The site ships internationally and accepts debit, credit and paypal cards. This site may be the one you were looking for to import Japanese products. In addition to the Japan Trend Shop we also recommend the website Play Asia for those who like games and anime.

Are you angry? Scream inside a vase

Turn your frustrations into mere whispers with the screaming vase. The plastic jar is designed to fit over the contours of your mouth and absorb your screams. why use a cup if I can afford 57$ in a plastic pot?

The Product is a hit and first appeared on NHK Good Morning Japan. He has since appeared on television programs countless times, which has further increased his popularity.

This product is ideal for when you feel like screaming, but you can't make too much noise. The vase simply lessens your cry. The hard part is whether you will be able to take the vase and put it in your mouth before you scream.

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

There is not just a vase, you can express all your anger in a carton of milk and other similar products. It may seem absurd, but the Japanese try hard not to shout because of their neighbors, either when watching a game. Then it turns out that the product has its usefulness.

There are also specific products used to train your voice and singing. Some products transmit the sound back to your ear, thus allowing you to sing Karaoke without disturbing neighbors and relatives.

Bizarre beauty and anti-wrinkle products

Japanese women value and fight hard to keep their skin clean and youthful. In addition to Japan's cuisine, climate and circumstances favoring this a lot, they still feel the need to use beauty products like creams and lotions.

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

Masks and banners Kogao promise to press your face to the point of shaping your facial muscles and keeping your skin firm and youthful. The mask claims to combat the signs of aging and claims to be effective against wrinkles and crow's feet.

Some companies go further and launch bizarre products like masks, bands, adhesives, mouth and nasal devices, glasses and dozens of products focused on combating wrinkles, facial expressions and aging. The photos speak for themselves!

The Electric Beauty Lift High Nose is a product that promises to reshape your nose through vibrations. O Face Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece promises to model your face using a mouthpiece 3 minutes a day.

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

If you want to know more, we recommend reading our article on how Japanese women prevent wrinkles and aging. These product images are just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of bizarre products that promise to take care of your skin and face.

Otamatone - The cute musical instrument

A toy or instrument? Otamatone it is an instrument created by Maywa Denki that looks like a musical note and its sound resembles a Theremin. The syrup acts like a keyboard, while Otamatone's mouth opens to make sounds.

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

There are thousands of otamatone being sold in the Japan Trend Shop, some with different formats and designer. On the website you can find an Otamatone version Kirby, another one from Kumamon, Wahha Gogo and both circulate for around 70 dollars.

Below see the Otamatone instrument being used to play the theme song for The Legend of Zelda:

Innovative inventions involving cats and animals

Nor do animals escape bizarre things. Japanese people love cats, so many bizarre and unique inventions are created exclusively for their cats and other animals. In addition, there are many inventions inspired by cats and other animals.

In Japan we find things like mini kotatsu for cats, tie and a cup for children to make cats in the sand. why make the dog ugly with those cones, if you can put a duck beak and make it elegant?

There are countless unexpected outfits like a Samurai armor for pets. You can also equip your cat with slippers to clean your house while walking (I already gave one to a baby).

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

Not to mention the numerous personalized products in the shape of cats and animals. You can find things like cat-shaped pillows, milk cartons for cats to play with and many others.

Gadgets and accessories for your kitchen

In Japan you can find some interesting products for your kitchen. It is not bizarre but it is unexpected and useless. The strangest thing is the absurd price charged for these innovative little accessories.

What do you think of a doll to put on top of the Cup Noodles cup to close it for 3 minutes? Or how about dressing a Kimono on your wine bottles? How about putting your boiled egg in a container that resembles Mount Fuji?

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

What do you think about paying $ 270 on a Nagashi toboggan that looks like a toy, but in fact it's a place for you to put noodles on and watch him dive down the toboggan to his plate.

How about a form that makes insect-shaped foods to put on the plate and trick your friends? Or how about a Shinkansen Hashi? All of this you find in the Japan Trend Shop.

Kuchofuku - air conditioning on clothes

Despite being a bit unbelievable, the inventions below are quite useful. why die of heat in the hot sun while working in thick clothes, if I can have an air-conditioned outfit? This is the proposal of these products.

Kuchofuku they are clothes and accessories with air conditioning. These clothes are commonly worn by workers who work in tunnels without air conditioning or on the street in the hot sun on buildings, etc.

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

These jackets are prepared and some have titanium coating, are splash proof and have several design options, especially for specific jobs, even for guarding traffic.

I remember that I once bought a dress in Japan, in the place where the armpit was, there was a different fabric to breathe the air. I had never seen this in a social dress in Brazil. This shows that Japan really values comfort.

Other bizarre inventions from the Japan Trend Shop

Many years ago, we already wrote an article talking about Japan's bizarre and useless inventions. In it we mention some products that can be found in Japan Trend Shop, let's talk again about these bizarre products.

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

Hizamakura Lap Pillow Mini Skirt - This legendary pillow promises to end your need with its shape of legs and a mini skirt of a woman. This is just one of the alternatives for loners who visit the Japan Trend Shop.

The images I'm going to display now are just made-up products, but that may not be available on the Japan Trend Shop. We recommend reading our article on bizarre inventions for more details on the subject.

If you liked the article, share it with friends and leave your comments. What did you think of the bizarre inventions? Have you bought any of them?

The most bizarre Japanese products from the japan trend shop

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