How do Japanese women take care of their skin? What is the secret?

Japanese women are famous for having smooth, flawless porcelain skin. Of course, no one is perfect, and occasionally the makeup covers. To have such a skin it is not enough to be Japanese, they strive to keep their skin that way, more than anyone. How do they do it? In this article, we will understand a little about how Japanese women take care of their skin and how they manage to keep them perfect.

We have already written an article talking about the secret of Japanese beauty, in this article, we highlight the importance of food. Green tea, sushi, miso soup and magnesium in foods are largely responsible for maintaining healthy skin. They also take constant baths in hot springs, which are very skin-friendly. Eating, cultural and even the climate helps Japanese women to take care of their appearance.

How do Japanese women take care of their skin? What is the secret?

Japanese skin care routine

The skin cleansers that Japanese women use are often oil-based, so they can clean without taking the body's natural oils. Others cleanse their skin more than once to make sure all the makeup and dirt is gone. We recommend natural camellia oil. People in Japan often use serum to treat and moisturize their skin. The serum is chosen carefully, for each situation and climate, and allow time for the skin to absorb the serum without touching other products together.

The sun is a great enemy of the skin, so the Japanese always use sunscreen that exists in thousands of forms like spray, lotion, and gel. Japanese women also wear sunscreen before applying makeup. Exposure to the sun results in freckles, spots, and wrinkles. Thanks to the help of sunscreen and also the climate in Japan, they manage to maintain their perfect appearance. They avoid using alcohol to cleanse the face, it does is increase the pores and oiliness.

How do Japanese women take care of their skin? What is the secret?

Japanese women also exfoliate their skin a lot, they use finely ground azuki beans. They also gently rub their faces with towels or bathing suits. Even the Japanese way of thinking and acting influences their appearance. Ever heard of that saying that beauty comes from the countryside? and really the way that Japanese women think helps in their routine of seeking skin perfection. To achieve this, they had to adopt different cultural customs, have a good mood and positive thoughts. Stress is a great enemy of beauty, so stay calm!

Looking for skin products in Japan

Another great secret of Japanese women is their simplicity, they do not use many products at once. They choose only what is necessary and a perfect combination that brings results. They avoid wearing too much makeup, just enough to make the skin look good, they avoid covering all pores of the face.

There is a theory that women should not put anything on their skin, that they cannot eat. Everything we apply ends up in our bloodstream, usually within minutes. So, if you are putting toxic chemicals on your face, remember, it will end up in your body. That is why most of the products they use are somewhat natural.

How do Japanese women take care of their skin? What is the secret?

Of course, you can't put fruit on your face. The Japanese do use skin care products! Do you want to know which products Japanese women use to take care of their skin? We have separated a list of the most popular below:

  • DHC DEEP CLEANSING OIL - Light cleaning oil loaded with antioxidants that increase shine and nutrients;
  • NATURAL CURE AQUA GEL - Japan's best-selling scrub, selling 1 bottle every 12 seconds. Extremely smooth and recommended for sensitive skin;
  • SHISEIDO PERFECT WHIP - A cleaner made with a thick foam that removes all impurities and moisturizes;

Japanese women also use Komenuka - Rice bran, used to nourish and prevent wrinkles. Others use oriental herbs that help fight dryness and improve the beauty of the skin. They also use products with Wakame a kelp that protects from UV rays and pollution.

How do Japanese women take care of their skin? What is the secret?

Keep an eye out for DHC and SHISEIDO brands. Japanese women usually use a skin softener before applying a moisturizer. Search for products that are rich in collagen. Some Japanese women resort to any product that has collagen such as cookies, masks, powder, supplements, recipes, and even gloves.

Other things that help skin care

We know that Japanese food is very healthy, full of nutrients and minerals, not just because they eat a lot of vegetables and fish, but because of the way it is prepared, the soil full of magnesium and the absence of poisons like salt and sugar.

We can see a lot of difference in Japanese women who eat the right way or live in fast food like Mc Donald’s. One of the great secrets is the rich presence of vitamin C in your diet. It helps to break down the melanin, providing the skin as Japanese women want.

In the past, Geisha they used to wear a piece of kimono silk with distilled flower water and put it on their face, thus creating a leaf mask. Leaf masks have become very popular in Japan, use them for an impact of moisture and cleanliness. Taking care of the skin at night can also increase results, as at night it is resting and breathing.

How do Japanese women take care of their skin? What is the secret?

If you keep a good diet, avoid the sun, use few products, avoid stress you can achieve the results that Japanese women get. Do not think it is easy because the Japanese struggle a lot to achieve these results that you see on television and internet, not all are beautiful and with perfect faces, to achieve this requires a great dedication. What do you think? Will you be able to adopt these tips?

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