Korean Numbers List

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In this article, we will learn numbers in Korean. A complete list with numbers written in full and also a list with ordinal numbers in Korean. If you like the article, don't forget to share and leave your comments.

In Korean, there are two types of numbers: Korean and Sino-Korean which are of Chinese origin. They usually have their own situations to use. For example, from 100 onwards, the Sinocorean numbers are used.

Korean Numbers List

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EnglishRomajiKoreanSino-KoreanNumberssut ja숫자
zeroyeongoneha na하나twosweetthreesetfournetfivefrom seot다섯sixyeo seot여섯Sevenil gop일곱eightyeo deolp여덟ninea hop아홉tenyeolelevenyeol ha na열하나twelveyeol dul열둘십일thirteenyeol set열셋십이fourteenyeol net열넷십삼fifteenyeol da seot열다섯십사sixteenyeor yeo seot열여섯십오seventeenyeor il gop열일곱십육eighteenyeor yeo deolp열여덟십칠nineteenyeor a hop열아홉십팔twentyyour mul스물십구hundredbaek額隠 – 神秘的日本白布thousandman額隠 – 神秘的日本白布millionbaek man額隠 – 神秘的日本白布백만
Korean numbers list

List of Ordinal Numbers in Korean

Korean ordinal numbers tell you the order of things and don’t amount. For example: First, Second, Third and so on. Memorizing these numbers will help you improve your understanding of Korean.

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EnglishRomajiKoreanfirstcheos beon jjae첫 번째seconddu beon jjae두 번째thirdif beon jjae세 번째bedroomne beon jjae네 번째fifthda seos beon jjae다섯 번째sixthyeo seos beon jjae여섯 번째seventhil gob beon jjae일곱 번째eighthyeo deolb beon jjae여덟 번째nintha hob beon jjae아홉 번째tenthyeor beon jjae열 번째eleventhyeol han beon jjae열한 번째Twelfthyeol du beon jjae열두 번째Thirteenthyeol se beon jjae열세 번째fourteenthyeol ne beon jjae열네 번째fifteenthyeol da seos beon jjae열다섯 번째sixteenthyeor yeo seon beon jjae열여선 번째seventeenthyeor il gob beon jjae열일곱 번째eighteenthyeor yeo deolb beon jjae열여덟 번째nineteenthyeor a hob beon jjae열아홉 번째twentiethyour mu beon jjae스무 번째oncehan beon한 번twicedu beon두 번

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