Is it possible to know a country without living in it? - Challenges

We wrote this article on behalf of all those who fall in love with another culture, language, customs and other things from a foreign country, have a huge dream of visiting this country, but currently cannot afford to go or live there. Our website talks about a specific country, Japan, but we decided to write this article covering all countries.

What needs to be done?

If you want to know a country, its culture, its language without having lived there, it's simple. Just get involved with the culture! through the internet, through events, with foreign friends, following pages and websites, getting involved with the language, you are really able to get to know the country, more than some who live in it.

Yea! It is possible to get involved with a country without living in it. The problems are the challenges faced. In the article we will talk about the challenges and criticisms we face, for liking and trying to expose a country without being living in it. Let's make it clear that it is possible to have knowledge and get involved with any country without being living in it. And encourage you to share all your knowledge about a foreign country without living in it.

Is it possible to know a country without living in it? - challenges

What do people say?

One of the biggest difficulties of getting involved with a country you've never lived in is the people's criticism. Most Brazilians think that Brazil is a thousand wonders and that other foreign countries are terrible, amazing and dangerous. It is difficult for you to reason with people who say that if you go there you will regret it, that this or that happens there, and these people never took even 1 hour to search the internet about this country. Not to mention the cultural criticisms that people without understanding talk about.

Others still say that the internet is a liar, but it has information from television and other people in mind. kkkkkkkkkk TT

Really liking a country, and delving into its culture, is difficult due to the criticism and lack of respect for the country's culture and lifestyle. Unfortunately, those who are unable to go to the country, but delve into its culture, will have to suffer criticism from those who are in Brazil and even from Brazilians who live in that country.

Like this? Know that if you are a person like me, who shares the culture of Japan on the internet, you will suffer comments even from Brazilians living in Japan. Exactly because you don't live there.

Is it possible to know a country without living in it? - challenges

Can I write, comment, teach and recommend a country I've never lived in?

Sometimes we come across comments and criticisms: You have to live in the country to write about it! Do you live there to know? These are really annoying and unfounded comments. Let's look at why you should ignore such comments.

Students of History, Science, Philosophy, Religion and other topics. They dedicate their lives to studying such subjects, but it is impossible that they lived through the events they write about or study. Can they still have websites, write books and teach classes? What about someone who studies Japanese culture or the Japanese language? Can't share or give opinions just because you haven't lived in the country? Know that there are thousands of famous websites on the internet with many authors who never set foot in the country and who are doing their best to make this dream come true, and writing is a way to get closer to this dream.

On the other hand, let's think of a Brazilian who works in a factory 12 hours a day with the objective of making a profit, without a social life, without learn the language, without following the customs and without having friendship with the natives. Does he have a good view of the country? We can see that some of these people have a bad view of the country and are the ones who criticize the most. People who live in the country and dedicate their time to delving into the country's culture have a happier and more cheerful tone.

Is it possible to know a country without living in it? - challenges

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Can I learn the language even without living in the country? Or have any offspring?

Continuing the previous topic, a proof that you don't have to live in the country to learn its culture and language, is Sensei Luiz Rafael from the Japanese Online Program. He doesn't have any ancestry, and he learned the Language, and became a well-known teacher, in addition to fulfilling his dreams.

Probably Luiz went through criticisms such as: This language is difficult, you have to be Asian to learn this language, you can't learn it while living in Brazil. Would he have been able to fulfill his dreams if he had listened to those zucchinis?

It really is easier to learn surrounded by people who speak the language, but don't let people make this dream of yours impossible. You might as well be fluent in such a language, without ever setting foot in the country, and still work and live on that alone.

Is it possible to know a country without living in it? - challenges

thinking positive

One of the reasons for so much criticism is because some who get involved with foreign culture end up looking for faults instead of good things. Every country has flaws, should you focus on the flaws? Or on the good side? Suppose you like some kind of entertainment, but there are many who consider it wrong, harmful. Or you like a movie or game, and others are very critical of this movie or game. Are you going to stop doing something because others think it's bad? That's one of the big problems with sticking to the bad side of things.

If you got involved with another culture, it's good to know all the problems, and difficulties. But you have to always think positive, and focus on the best, not the worst. Unfortunately, there are people who only do that, one of the reasons for having so many criticisms on the subject.


No matter what people say, the challenges you face, it is possible to get to know the country without living in it. On the internet you can find more content than living in your own country, of course you will have to know how to choose the real content, and it will never be the same as living in it. But for many who aim to live in a country, but unfortunately cannot afford it is possible to get involved with it. You can learn the language, create a website or Facebook page, chat with others about the country. Just ignore what some people say, and if you run, you will make your dreams come true.

Is that you? For liking a country and getting involved with the culture, have you ever been criticized? Annoying comments? difficulties? Leave your comment.

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