How are laughs written in Japanese?

Everyone knows the universal forms of laughter kkkkkkkkkk, LOL and even the famous huehuehue. Have you ever been curious to know what the internet and media laughs that the Japanese use are like? In this article, we will see some of them and their meanings.

The laughs that we will show below can be called onomatopoeia. And they are often used not only on the internet, but mainly in manga, anime and all over Japan, through the media and on a daily basis.

ははははは There is! there is! there is! The most common laugh, used especially by men.
ひひひひひ hihihihihi Laughter of a person who intends to do something wrong or set up a plot.
ふふふふふ fufufufufu Scary laugh. It can also represent female or malevolent laughter.
へへへへへ hehehehehehe Embarrassed laughter from a person who can't do something or is trying to hide his shyness.
ほほほほほ hohohohoho Female laughter, when a woman laughs with an open mouth, often used by ladies.
  • Note : You usually use the vowels (あ a / い i / う u / え e / お o) in front of the onomatopoeias above, it sounds more colloquial:
    ahahahaha / いひひひひ ihihihihi / うふふふふ ufufufufu / えへへへへ ehehehehe / おほほほほ ohohohoho

Below we will see some variations and other types of laughs that are usually derived from the main 5.

Kya! there is! there is! Children's form of "Ha! Ha! Ha!
Wow! there is! there is!
Gwa! there is! there is!
Guffaws. Used to make the laugh a little more malevolent.
Kara-kara There are people who laugh like this "kara-kara". It's nothing unusual. Trust in me!
Laughter, without modesty, often contains the meaning of contempt. They laugh "gera-gera" at your unfunny joke.
When a person is reading a funny manga, or remembers a joke, he usually laughs to himself and a little softly...
I! hi hi hi! "Hi hi hi" I know the color of your panties. A vulgar laugh.
Kya! Kya! Laughter used by babies and children.
Keta Keta- Indecent laughter. He laughs "keta-keta" not considering the situation.
koro-koro A decent, pleasant laugh. Males never laugh "koro-koro". Ladies often laugh koro-koro like a rolling ball. Balls roll and go "koro-koro".
Ke! ke! ke! A sneer seen mostly in comics.
Niko niko ニコニコ is a happy, silent smile.

The Kanji 笑

the Kanji 笑 - Wara is used a lot on the internet to refer to laughter, as much as lol is used in English. It is usually found between the parentheses (笑)this kanji literally means laughter or laughing. On the internet it is still possible to find Japanese writing www, but do not confuse with World Wide Web, www can be the abbreviation of Warai or Warau which is one of the pronunciations of the kanji . It is very common to find thousands of wwwwwwwwww in Japanese chats... This may be the simplest and most used way to write laughs on the internet.

Is that you? What laugh do you usually use?

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