Places in Japan inspired by other countries


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Those who live in Japan do not need to leave the country to experience cultures from other countries. Japan is full of diverse and rich tourist attractions from diverse cultures. In addition to neighborhoods, villages and theme parks inspired by other countries.

Not to mention the diversity of foods that spans a gigantic amount of restaurants serving food from all other countries, making it possible to discover the cuisine of everyone.

In this article we will see several places that will help you to get to know the world culture without having to leave Japan. Discover villages, parks and foreign places within Japan.

Little World - The World inside Japan

Let's start by talking about a park where you visit most countries at once. Near Nagoya you will find this small park that is a piece of the world. At the entrance of Little world you already find a museum, which at the time I did it had an exhibition with all the civilization in the world.

Inside the park you travel through various locations that represent a piece of each country. Germany, Italy, Spain, Africa, Egypt and many other places in the world in just one. The location of each country has some architecture or building that resembles the country, as well as products, clothes, costumes and local cuisine.

Getting to know the world in foreign places in japan - little world

Little World is very big and offers different scenarios of the world. One day is not enough to enjoy the whole place, just at the entrance museum I spent hours watching the exhibition. We had to pass the park quickly in each country and still couldn't see them all.

British Villages in Japan British hills and Yumemi village

There are two villages in Japan that resemble the UK a lot. One is the Yumemi Village, located in the mountains of Kameoka in Kyoto. The place is also known as Dreamton.

There you will find a set of restaurants, shops and inns in a British environment different from Japan. You can also have the feeling of walking in the old streets of the United Kingdom visiting the British Hills.

O British Hills is a large site with about 70,000m² located in the village of Tenei in Fukushima. It is also a tourist district, so you can take a walk in the UK, without needing a passport.

Getting to know the world in foreign places in japan - british village

Niji-no-sato - Canada and Great Britain

In Izu province in the city of Shuzenji we have a place called Niji-no-sato that has some traditional Japanese villages and also another village in Great Britain called British Village.

In addition to the United Kingdom, Niji-no-sato has a Canadian Village, a fairy garden, a Japanese garden and two local and traditional Japanese villages.

Canada niji no sato getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

Mihama American Village in Okinawa

In Chatan, Okinawa, you will find an American Village full of shops, restaurants and supermarkets that resemble the West Coast of the USA. All products, stores and food in the neighborhood are focused on American culture.

Mihama american getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

Villa Santorini from Greece in Kochi

Located in Tosa in the province of Kochi you will find a Resort Hotel based on the romantic village of Santorini located in Greece. A perfect place for those who want to enjoy a little bit of Greece in Japan.

Villa santorini getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

Shima Mediterranean Village of Spain in Mie

In the province of Mie there is a place called Shima Mediterranean Village which is a resort with Mediterranean theme inspired by the castles and Spanish regions of Castile, Sardinia and Andalusia.

Shima mediterranean village getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

Sweden Hills - Sweden in Hokkaido

In Tobetsu in the Hokkaido region we find a small village that resembles Stockholm's surroundings. About 500 people live in this village and many houses can be rented for holiday seasons.

Sweeden hills getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

Germany in Japan - German Village and Blumen hugel

On the outskirts of Tokyo, in the province of Chiba, exactly in Sodegaura, we find a calm place, with gardens, a zoo, an amusement park and many facilities reminiscent of German architecture.

Another place that resembles Germany is Blumen Hugel located in Hino-cho in Shiga Prefecture. The place looks like a German farm and provides some food imported from Germany like cheese, breads, sausages and mainly the famous beer.

There are many other places that resemble Germany in Japan, in Hamamatsu there is also a small square in the center of the city where you can have a pretzel and have a German beer.

Germany in Japan - getting to know the world in foreign places in Japan

Netherlands at Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki

In the city of Sasebo in Nagasaki there is a Dutch theme park called Huis Ten Bosch with full-size Dutch buildings full of theaters, museums, shops, amusement park, restaurants and a windmill.

The Netherlands has already had a lot of influence in the province of Nagasaki, where the two countries have maintained trade for several centuries. The place references one of the royal residences of the Dutch royal family in The Hague.

Huis ten bosch - getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

Scottish Lockheart Castle in Gunma

In Gunma province we find a legitimate Scottish medieval castle. It was literally purchased by a Japanese actor named Masahiko Tsugawa and brought to Japan and rebuilt over a period of 6 years.

Its original construction was in Carlukena near Edinburgh. Nowadays it is widely used in films, dramas and at wedding parties.

Lockheart castle - getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

Denmark at Andersen Park in Chiba

Andersen Park is the recreation of a park with a Danish landscape from the 1800s. It is located in Funabashi in Chiba Prefecture. Here you will find Danish buildings, a windmill, museums and typical restaurants.

Andersen park - getting to know the world in foreign places in japan

These are some of the places you can enjoy the world without leaving Japan. There are many other themed places around Japan. If you liked the article, don't forget to comment and share it with friends.

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