6 Japanese tips to make your hair thicker


Many people seek some differentiated treatments to strengthen the threads, and what is known is that, the easterners of the nascent land have threads aligned in the vast majority, this is due to the reason that, they have great techniques to be followed, these techniques have based on the use of natural products and has many positive effects on the hair.

Of course, there is Vitamin to strengthen hair, but it goes far beyond that, so to show you what these tips would be, we researched and tested the ones that work the most on the hair and we separated 6 of them in this article.

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First of all, what makes hair thick?

Most of the time, the hair is already thick from birth, and may have genetic causes to grow and stay in such a way. But it tends to change over time, external factors, cuts and chemicals applied to the hair can change the capillary structure of the person in question, so much so that it can also get thicker using techniques and hydrations.


Knowing this, now follow the tips: 

6 Japanese tips to make your hair thicker

Tip 1: Add B vitamins to your menu

This rule is one of the main ones, when the subject is also vitamin to strengthen hair.

Foods such as rice, vegetables, seafood and fruits are included by weight in Eastern culture. Because these foods have Vitamins B6 and B12, they end up benefiting the hair, and a positive addition is that they are easy to find in markets, as they are also included in Brazilian cuisine. 

An example of a meal rich in these vitamins: rice, tuna, potatoes and spinach, a simple, everyday and effective dish for the strands.

6 Japanese tips to make your hair thicker

Tip 2: Wash your hair daily

The Japanese have a custom of greater frequency when it comes to hair washing, they usually wash the hair every day, which results in luminosity and softness.


It is worth remembering that washing the wires with high frequency can dry them out, and also, consequently, dry the skin. To avoid this problem, camellia oil is used, which is made in a very simple way, check out: 

  • Heat 1 tablespoon of camellia oil;
  • Apply to damp hair; 
  • Rinse after 30 minutes;

Camellia has oleic acid, which gives protection and volume to the hair. It is also possible to replace camellia with olive oil, which also has the same benefit and is easier to find. 

6 Japanese tips to make your hair thicker

Tip 3: Rinse your hair with tea

A great vitamin to strengthen hair is to rinse using tea, as the tea provides a more vivid color to the strands, in addition to giving them more strength and thickness.

This technique is widely used by Japanese women and can be applied using any type of tea, as long as it is natural, and does not provoke a reaction to your cup, check out: 

  • Just prepare the tea of your choice, awaiting its infusion;
  • Once ready, wait for it to cool to room temperature;
  • Use to rinse the wires.
6 Japanese tips to make your hair thicker

Tip 4: Take care of your sleep

This tip is not exactly a recipe for a vitamin to strengthen hair, or something that you have to pass through the strands, but rather a routine to be improved.

 The Japanese have the habit of using a pillow with silk pillowcases to rest, however, inside of them are placed dry herbs, like lavender for example, this ends up contributing to a better sleep and relaxation of the body and ends up helping in the thickening of the threads.

6 Japanese tips to make your hair thicker

Tip 5: Mix apple cider vinegar in your shampoo

Apple cider vinegar combats dandruff and oiliness at the root of the hair.

The Japanese mix it with shampoo and also base from that vinegar. Of course, you can use it in some alternative ways, for example, by mixing a few drops of vinegar with nettle oil you can have a powerful skin product, a homemade facial lotion!

Tip 6: Use combs with organic materials

Another oriental custom, which is almost a vitamin to strengthen hair, is combing the strands very often. 

To prevent this process from damaging or injuring the scalp, a comb with organic materials should be used, the wooden comb is a great option, as they do not pass static energy to the wires and also prevent frizz.

These combs and brushes with organic materials, help to prevent dandruff in the hair, facilitate growth and thicken the hair over time.


That's it, if you liked the article send it to a friend, so she can learn about the vitamin's natural power to strengthen hair found in natural nutrients, and how to thicken hair in an oriental way!