A Study of the Influence of Anime on World Perception

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The secret of anime's popularity lies largely in the strong emotions shown on the screen. and they often look exaggerated, which attracts teenagers, because at the age of 12-17 the intensity and clarity of feelings is the main thing that determines the degree of interest in a particular work. Watching anime can be a regular hobby: some like dramas, some like comedies or horror movies, and some like anime. It's just a matter of taste, and as you know, all felt-tip pens are different. The question of how anime affects the psyche of the teenager does not have a definite answer: Japanese animation has both positive and negative sides, and the extent of its impact on the immature consciousness depends largely on many related factors.

If we talk about the pluses, we can note the most obvious, it is the development of imagination in children. Viewing pictures with different storylines and different characters, to get acquainted with their characters, children develop a creative personality. With the help of anime is increasingly interested in music, drawing, and other creative activities, that is, anime helps to find, and later possibly even develop talents. Each main character in the cartoon has his own beliefs and morals, so by watching anime, you can learn and develop many useful moral qualities: achieving your goals, taking care of your neighbor, taking care of your relatives, setting the right priorities, etc.

Assessing the impact of anime on the psyche of teenagers, it should be noted that by persistently introducing certain images into their consciousness, any person unconsciously contributes to their implementation in reality. Fixation on negative characters can inhibit normal communication in real life. A well-known research paper helper conducted research and found answers to the most popular answers.

A Study of the Influence of Anime on World Perception

Why are teenagers attracted to the anime genre?

Anime attracts teenagers by its strangeness, unconventionality. It is known that during adolescence, a child is trying to solve several opposing tasks at once: on the one hand, he is trying to become an individual, to understand how he differs from others, on the other hand, he is trying to find his place in the world, to find his group of like-minded people. Anime allows teenagers to solve the problem related to the feeling of their individuality and peculiarity, and at the same time to solve the second problem - to find friends of interest. In addition, even though most of the anime is intended for adults, the main character there is a teenager with his problems and first disappointments. As a rule, he is different from his peers, he is a rebel and a fighter for justice, which response to the youthful maximalism and teenagers identify with these characters.

Can this type of animation affect the psyche of teenagers?

Anime, like any other art form, can influence the inner world and psyche of all people, not just teenagers. Just like movies, cartoons, books, anime evokes emotions, makes you empathize, finds a response in the viewer. In addition, Japan is a country of restraint and self-control, so the characters in anime, as in the world opposite the real one, are often created impulsive and sensitive. This kind of psychotype resonates with viewers, especially teenagers. But if a person is mentally healthy, he is not depressed, he has developed critical thinking, no matter how much he sympathizes with the characters, he will be able to separate reality and fantasy.

However, it is important to observe the age limit when watching anime. Because even though the main character is a teenager, most anime series are intended for people over the age of 20. There may be scenes of aggression, brutality, violence, sexual relations - for children and adolescents, watching such scenes can be traumatic because they have not yet developed sufficient critical thinking. and mental trauma can later manifest itself in symptoms such as irritability, aggression, or depression.

Is there a connection between an interest in anime and suicidal behavior?

If the child is mentally healthy, he or she is not in a depressive episode, his or her behavior does not exhibit suicidal tendencies (auto-aggressive behavior, propensity for self-harm, a passion for dangerous sports), he or she has trusting family relationships and is confident, then watching, for example, anime with a negative subject, the child will simply feel uncomfortable or sad. But it cannot provoke suicidal thoughts in him. Viewing can affect only if the child was already in a difficult psychological state, and the video he saw was the last straw for him.

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What other children's entertainment content (cartoons, movies) can hurt a teenager's psyche?

Traumatization occurs when something happens in a person's life and the psyche cannot assimilate it. For example, if a child sees some strange or frightening content and cannot understand or explain it for himself or herself, this is when traumatization occurs. A negative impact on the psyche may be produced by any content that is not age-appropriate, which is an entertaining form that advocates harmful habits, justifies cruelty and violence.

A Study of the Influence of Anime on World Perception

How can we regulate the consumption of entertainment content by children?

It should be, first of all, age restrictions, which will be respected in both offline and online spheres. At the same time, parents need to remember that the method of prohibition will not have any effect. Adolescent maximalism will turn the situation the other way around: if you forbid a teenager, he will do it out of spite. Parents for the child are guides to the adult world. They teach him how to cope with negative emotions, how to solve problems. They help a child become an independent person. and if he or she encounters something unknown or incomprehensible on the way to adulthood, it is the parents who should be the first to explain it to him or her.

If mom or dad notices that the teenager is addicted to ambiguous content, then in this case it is a good tactic to try to watch this movie or series together and discuss after watching it. You can ask the child about which of the characters he likes better and why, how he understands the plot, why the character behaves this way and that way. The parent should try to understand the child's interests and comprehend them. Maybe they will not turn out to be so dangerous. If the doubts are still confirmed and the watched content depresses the teenager, makes him feel uncomfortable, in this case, you should either contact a medical professional or try to engage the child in something that he is interested in, that he can switch to, spend more time with him and organize more joint leisure activities.

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