Zauo: restaurant where you fish your own food

That Japan is a place where you can easily find fish on restaurant menus is a fact. But have you ever imagined a restaurant where you can fish for your meal? It also exists and is found in Japan!

These restaurant chains are called Zauo (釣船茶屋) which literally means ''fishing tea house''.

One of the networks of this restaurant is in Tokyo and many who have been there report good experiences.

Let's get to know this place better and maybe it won't be on your list of places to visit in Japan!

Zauo: restaurant where you fish your own food - zauo fish restaurant

Zauo's History

The network of “fishing restaurants” Zauo was created in 1986 in Japan and has thirteen units in the country.

The creation was by two brothers Kazuhisa and Takuya Takahashi. The network has units in major Japanese cities. 

And the goal is to expand in cities outside of Japan that are large and reference. So far, the United States has embraced the idea of the restaurant and has already received a franchise. 

Zauo: restaurant where you fish for your own food - zauo

Zauo's Concept

For those who are fishing lovers, they will definitely love to have this experience and the fish is freshly prepared so the food is fresh! But fishing is not mandatory for dinner at Zauo.

As soon as they arrive at the restaurant, customers receive the fishing pole and after the fish is caught, the chefs make the dish according to the customer's taste. 

For those who train, the custom of going to fish, pay here in Brazil, will take this restaurant out of hand!

The varieties of dishes range from fried fish such as Tempura to slices of raw fish like sashimi, 'broths' like Sukiyaki and several others. You choose!

But what if you don't know how to fish? Don't worry because you won't go without eating your fish, as the staff can help you and even use a fishing net to catch your fish faster. 

The Zauo are one of the most sought after places by the Japanese themselves and tourists in search of experiences. 

site design

The way to order food is already different so for sure the design of the place couldn't be different!

The restaurant is in the shape of a boat with all its finishing and structure in wood. On the sides of the restaurant, the wall is made in the shape of sterns and prows as in real boats.

 The restaurant is also surrounded by water tanks full of fish perfectly simulating a navigable aquatic environment.

The fishing tanks have a variety of fish and the waiter on site directs you to the types of fish you prefer. 

Some of the fish options are snapper, red snapper, mackerel, saltwater eel, shark, Japanese sea snail or lobster.

You can even choose between salt or fresh water!

Zauo: restaurant where you fish for your food - zauo fishing restaurant

Not everything is flowers

One thing I didn't really like was the fact that there are some fish that stay in the aquariums that are very expensive and once caught they can't be returned.

If you end up fishing they will have to pay the amount that is more than double compared to other options that the restaurant has.

 But it has the information and guidelines so that it doesn't happen by mistake.

Another thing that in my case I wouldn't think is cool, due to lack of habit, is that as the fish are fresh and most of the preparations are raw, they can end up spasming and moving. 

Japanese people in general are not intimidated by this, but I think that would be kkk.

Zauo: restaurant where you fish for your own food - zauo sea

Does it really pay off?

Apparently in the comments on the restaurants and videos page, it pays too much to have an experience in some of Zauo's chains!

Service is good and the value in yen is good. You can eat well for around 3,000 yen. But the value varies according to the fish, preparation, appetizers, among others.

The service is differentiated because the employees are evaluated by the customers at the end of their stay at the place, so they strive to provide good service.

If you catch the fish yourself you will receive a discount, for example the normal price of a red snapper is around 3,360 yen (about one hundred reais). When fishing, it costs about 2,500 yen (about seventy-five reais). A sole is 3,990 yen and can receive the 861 yen discount.

Restaurant popularity

Zuo is very popular in Japan and already has its networks well established there.

Since the beginning of 2018, there is also a unit in New York, in the United States. The place holds one hundred and seventy-five seats. And it has the same structure as the original idea.

 The directors' goal is to expand further. Did you feel like going to dinner or lunch at this restaurant? Does it have a chance of arriving in Brazil?

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