What does Kiriko mean?

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Kiriko is a famous Japanese character from Overwatch, but her name also has some interesting meanings. In this article we are going to delve deeper into the word kiriko and its homonyms.

Who is Kiriko in Overwatch?

Kiriko is a ninja who has healing abilities and is aided by a kitsune spirit. She is capable of throwing protective suzus to protect her allies and kunai to attack her enemies. Kiriko is a friend of the Shimada family and has trained under Genji and Hanzo in the past.

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Her full name is Kiriko Kamori written with the ideograms [家守] Kaomori and [霧子] Kiriko. Her family name Kaomori means protector of the home, where [守] means protect and [家] means home.

Kiriko is composed of [霧] which means "fog" or "mist", and [子] which means "child" or "daughter". Therefore, the general meaning of [霧子] is “daughter of fog” or “daughter of mist”. Thus representing his power to disappear and teleport.

What does kiriko mean?

Meaning of Kiriko in Japanese

Because it is a word with many Kanji homonyms, the name of the character Kiriko may have also been chosen with the aim of living up to the following words:

  • [切り粉] – Chips or shavings left after cutting wood, or metal with a saw, etc.
  • [切り子] – Facet; faceted object.
  • [切り込] – Verb that means to cut deeply [切り込む].

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