What does Hoshi mean in Japanese Language?

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Do you know the meaning of the word Hoshi? As a noun it refers to a star, but there are also some homonymous words in the Japanese language that we will learn in this article.

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Meaning of Hoshi [星]

The word “hoshi” written with an ideogram [星] literally means star, but the ideogram is often used to identify planets and other types of stars. Another common pronunciation of the ideogram is “I know”.

The ideogram can also indicate a point or mark. It is often used in words like “hoshiurana” [星占い] meaning astrology and “hoshizora” [星空] meaning starry sky.

The ideogram can be used to refer to the constellation or any related subject. A homonymous word is [干し] which means drying or dry.

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What does Hoshii mean?

The word hoshii means to want, to desire, it can be translated as I want. It can also present a need, its use is very common.

Another similar word is hoshii [欲しい] where the only difference is the lengthening of the [い] which can often be romanized wrongly. This Japanese word refers to desires.

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Meaning of the name Hoshi

As "Hoshi" means star, many end up considering putting this name, but its meaning can go much further. Japanese names are usually written with the meaning of both spelling and pronunciation in mind.

You can also use unrelated ideograms that have other meanings. So even if you choose the name “Hoshi”, the meaning of the name may vary depending on your choices.

Hoshi can be used either as a first name, or as a family name, it is usually written with the characters: 星 – 干 – 保志 – 保子 – 帆詩 – 帆志 – 帆姿 – 帆士 – 地球

When used for a first name, it is usually feminine. Other alternative Japanese names that use “Hoshi” are: Hoshiba, Hoshiko, Hoshida and Hoshie.

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