How to find out the meaning of Japanese names?


Every day thousands of people access suki desu to see a list of Japanese names and their meanings. Unfortunately it is impossible to create a list of Japanese names complete and with all the meanings because the possibilities are endless. In addition to several names with the same pronunciations, the ideograms that make up the name totally change the meaning.

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If you have some basic notion of the Japanese language and are able to have the Japanese ideograms of the name you want to know the meaning of, you can easily throw it in the dictionary jisho and see the meaning of each ideogram. That's right, a name can have several meanings for each ideogram that make up the name. And when you don't have the ideogram?


In most cases, people know absolutely nothing about the Japanese language and just want to know the meaning of the name or choose a name. In this case the person can write the name that he wants to know the meaning in a romanized way using the filter or hashtag #names no jisho.

It will be presented to a huge list of names in Japanese, you will notice that each ideogram represents a sound, so a Japanese name or surname is usually composed of 2 ideograms. Identify the ideograms that make up the name you want and individually search for each one to know the meaning.

Of course, when searching for a romanized name in jisho, he will present several names written with different ideograms. So you will probably have to research several identical names to find out what it means is best for you and the name you chose and finally use it for what you want.

Como descobrir o significado dos nomes japoneses?

And when I don't have a name in mind?

When you don't have a name in mind, you can first look for the meaning of an ideogram and use it to search and list names that use that ideogram. For example: I want a name that means love, so I must search for the ideogram 愛 (ai) with the hashtag #names.


To know the ideogram that means a certain thing you must write the word in English and use the hashtag #kanji. You will be presented with several options and you can also select the kanji for details and the readings for name it offers.

When searching for names that use a certain ideogram or kanji, the first pages of the search will show names with only that ideogram and most of the time a syllable. Just go to other pages to see more interesting names that use other ideograms.

Japanese names can vary widely. There are no rules in the choice of ideograms and readings for names, but there is a popular and common pattern and choice in Japanese names. To go deeper into the subject I will leave a list of articles below that can help you: