Investigating the Meaning of Hikari - Light in Japanese

Have you ever heard the word hikari [光]? It is often used in the name of people, brands and even in the name of a city because of its great meaning, which is LIGHT. In this article, we will delve deeper into the word hikari and see some meanings and synonyms.

The word hikari is just a Japanese reading of the character [光] which can also be hikaru or in Chinese reading kou. The word hikari [光] literally means light, illumination, ray, beam and brightness. It can also be used to refer to happiness, hope, influence, power and vision.

Apparently the hikari it has no deep meaning other than being a literal representation of light if we examine its pictographic origin. Probably should be used in spiritual words like eikou [栄光] which means glory.

Hikari - light - investigating the meaning in Japanese

Japanese names derived from hikari and hikaru

The names Hikari and Hikaru are widely used in Japan. Hikari is usually used by females using different ideograms instead of the traditional [光]. So the person can have different meanings in their name. Even with the ideogram of love [愛] it is possible to write the name hikari. Below are some suggestions:

  • 華 - means splendor, brightness and ostentation;
  • 輝 - radiant, sparkling and shining;
    • 輝 - Usually used as Kagayaki;
  • 瑛 (Hikaru) - glitter of jewelry, crystals;
  • 旺 (Hikaru)- flourishing, successful, beautiful, vigorous;
  • 月 - Moon (probably because it is bright);
  • 玄 - mysterious, hidden, black, deep (what a contrast);
  • 明 - Akari is another popular name that also means light;
  • 晃 (Hikaru) - Bright, dazzling, light, clear;

We recommend doing a deep search using the to discover other ways to write the names Hikari and Hikaru in Japanese and their respective meanings. It is worth remembering that there are infinite ways to put the ideogram of Light in Japanese. Thousands of Japanese names can have the meaning of light.

Another popular example of names that mean light is the main character of the anime Death Note who is called Light, a Japanese adaptation of the English word Light which means light. People with the name Kou (Chinese reading) also usually have some ideogram with light meaning in their names.

In the anime Boku no Hero there is a character called Uraraka [麗] where the ideogram also means bright, beautiful, glorious, beautiful, graceful and resplendent.

Synonyms for the word Hikari [光]

There is the ideogram [明] which is quite popular and is often used in adjectives such as akarui which means well lit and bright. This ideogram is also present in words like tomorrow (明日) and can mean clarity, insight and purity.

Another similar ideogram is [灯] which has the reading akari and tomoshibi which also means light, but as it has the radical of fire is used to refer to lamps and torches. the noun akari despite being written 明かり has its origins related to [灯].

To end the article we will leave some words related to hikari and some synonyms for light.

Portuguese Japanese Romaji
verb shine 光る hikaru
Vivid; bright; of course 鮮やか azayaka
Adjective of light, bright, illuminated 明るい akarui
Brillant; glorious; splendid 輝かしい kagayakashi

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