Tips on becoming a Mangaka - Materials

Do you have the dream of becoming a mangaka? (漫画家) Then find out what are the essential materials and tips to become one!

Have you ever heard, read or like manga? Well, this article is special for you who dream of becoming a mangaka or if you admire any of them or if you are simply curious (lol).

Mangaka is the one who draws manga, creating stories also makes you a mangaka, but nothing better than putting your ideas in the notebook without depending on someone, right?

Many give up halfway, perhaps because of lack of courage or simply not knowing where to start. But how about having the right initiative? Starting with the right materials and tips?

Essential Materials (Basic) - Pencil

Clearly a pencil is essential, but we are not talking about just any pencil, we are talking about special pencils, which in turn have classifications.

We are talking about pencils that have 4 types of classifications, which are H, F, HB and B.

These ratings are linked with the hardness of the graphite, which is from the softest (soft), which results in a blacker tone, to the hardest, which results in a more grayish tone of the graphite.

These types of pencils are often used in writing, for example on most pencils you will see the letters HB, which is one of the classifications. That is, they are not necessarily and obligatorily used around art.

Pencil hardness is classified into 4 types: BHF and HB.

  • Brepresents blackness;
  • Hrepresents hardness;
  • Frepresents fine, fine (fine tip);
  • HBrepresents a threshold between B and H, which characterizes a common pencil, for writing;


The rankings are in the following order:

9h & gt; 8h & gt; 7h & gt; 6h & gt; 5h & gt; 4h & gt; 3h & gt; 2h & gt; H & GT; F & GT; HB & GT; B & GT; 2b & gt; 3b & gt; 4b & gt; 5b & gt; 6b & gt; 7b & gt; 8b & gt; 9b

It is recommended to use pencils that are in between the ratings, such as 2H and 6H, F, HB, 2B and 6B.

Always remember to keep the pencil sharpened for better handling.


If you are not willing to spend that much money, you can bet on using a paper 75 grams sulfite, which is sold in packages. Care must be taken when using, as it creases more easily.

The best paper to draw manga is the Westerprint, weight of 180 grams, which is sold in blocks in A3 (29.7 cm x 42 cm) or A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm) size.

Of course, if you invest a little more, you will be able to find pre-sized sheets with blue borders, which shows the right space of a manga sheet.

Tips for becoming a mangaka - materials

Pens (Ink)

There are technical pens that are disposable, that have felt tips, and despite having a finite life, they never clog.

They also have the pens that need and need India ink refills, they have greater precision and you also need to have meticulous and careful maintenance.

They have several recordings, between 005, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05... The most common ones to use are 005, 02, 05 and 08.

They are essential for mangaka, since all the details and final art are usually done through her.

Tips for becoming a mangaka - materials

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It's very frustrating when you're making an almost perfect drawing, but suddenly, you miss the line... And that's where the eraser comes in!

It is necessary to know that common erasers do not have the same effect as a drawing eraser. With a common one it is very likely that your drawing will smudge and smudge somewhere.

Use primarily a white plastic eraser, which is guaranteed not to smudge the paper and leaves no smudges along the way.

There are also the Clean Types, it is a kind of rubber that can be manipulated and molded in any way we want.

Using it is quite simple, and if you know how to use it, the results of your future drawings will be on another level. You can do these things with regular rubber, but not in the same way as a Type Cleaner!

  • It serves to lighten dark areas, create light effects in graffiti, remove excesses and also, of course, erase!
  • It erases easily and will rarely leave a trace that an eraser was used in your drawing;
  • The most important thing, too, is knowing how to create shapes that are convenient for your design, such as a tip, balls or any other shape;

Prefer brands like: Staedtler, Koh-I-Noor, Faber Castell and Trident.

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