List of unisex Japanese names with meanings


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List with Japanese names exists a lot on the internet, but today I present to you a list with names in Japanese and their meanings, besides having the kanji or ideogram that make up the name.

Remembering that the meaning is quite shallow and sometimes does not make sense, because it requires the person to know the Kanji and its essence to understand the deep meaning of each name. Not to mention that a name can have different meanings and be written with different ideograms.

The list has names that can be given to boys and girls! They are totally unisex names. The list of male and female names in Japanese and their meanings is as follows:

If you want to go deeper into Japanese names, we recommend a JBC Japanese Names Dictionary (click for details).

List of Japanese names

Name Ideogram Meaning
 Aki  秋 - 明 - 晶  1 - autumn 2 - bright
 Akira  明 - 亮  1 - bright 2 - clear
 Aoi  碧 - 葵  1 - Blue 2 - Alcea
 Haru  晴 - 春 - 陽  1 - clarify 2 - spring 3 - sun, sunlight
 Hibiki  響  sound echo
 Hiro  裕 - 寛 - 浩  1 - abundant 2 - generous, tolerant 3 - prosperous
 Hisoka  密  reserved
 June)  順  obedient
 Kin  欽  gold, admirable
 Madoka  円 - 円花  circle - flower
 Makoto  誠  sincerity
 But  正 - 雅 - 昌 - 真  1 - correct, fair 2 - elegant 3 - flourishing, prosperous 4 - genuine
 Masumi  真澄  true lucidity
 Michi  道  way
 Minato  港  port
 Minori  里  truth
 Naoki  直樹  docile tree
 Naomi  直美  means straight and beautiful
 Nori  儀 - 典 - 則  1 - ceremony 2 - code 3 - model
 Ren  蓮 - 恋 1 - lotus 2 - love
 Sora  空  sky
 Yori より
 Yoshi  義 - 吉 - 良 1 - correct 2 - well, happy 3 - good, pleasant
 Yuki  幸 - 雪  1 - happiness, good luck 2 - snow
 Yuuki  優希  kindness, agile, superior + hope


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Remember that there are other kanji combinations that can form the same names as above. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a name and its writing in Japanese.

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