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Have you heard of FanArt Method 2.0? In this article, we are going to do a full review on this drawing course by Mayara Rodrigues focused on anime and sleeves and also share the experience I had with this course.

I think some of you may know Mayara Rodrigues, a YouTuber who posts weekly videos of Speed ​​Drawing which shows in detail a drawing being made from scratch, in addition to several tips for those who want to learn how to draw.

Speed ​​Drawing – Drawing method, in which the work has a limited time for its completion. In this case she shares the painting being done in a few minutes compilation.

In this article, we will talk specifically about your famous Fan Art Method course. To facilitate your navigation in this long article, we will leave a summary below:

Mayara Rodrigues proposal

Mayara Rodrigues is a YouTuber of only 22 years old, who already inspires many people with her words, they say that every artist has a history of her past, and that is a fact! She, like many others, took courses, bought magazines and tested various methods.

If you want to know a little about Mayara Rodrigues, at the end of the article we will leave a compilation of your videos and free lessons from your YouTube channel.

Using her long knowledge of drawing and illustrating, Mayara Rodrigues took an online course (that's right, everyone migrating to online courses) with the aim of teaching step by step how to draw, even though you don't have that gift that people say you need .

Anyone can draw, just want and try! She herself was not born drawing ...

The Fan Art Method is an online course prepared for all types of people who want to learn or develop even more the gift of drawing anime or cartoon characters.

Fan art method - learn to draw with mayara rodrigues

The good thing is that this course is much cheaper than the Drawing from Zero, and he mainly focuses on Japanese designs, and also on their coloring. The Course consists of video lessons to accelerate learning.

At the Fan Art Method you will also learn to analyze images, the anatomy of faces, variation of angles and anatomy of the body and movements. Mayara's techniques have already been tested by all ages and by hundreds of people across the country. And you can start learning right now by clicking the link below!

The fanArt method will teach you how to draw manga and your favorite anime characters.

Knowing the Fan Art Method Course

The Fan Art Method course features 4 main modules and some extras. The first module presents different methods, references, tips and introduces you to character creation. The second and third modules will teach you in detail how to work on creating the heads and faces.

Module four is focused on creating bodies, anatomy, movements, etc. Everything is taught in a simple way and with effective tips to help students keep up with their speed.

Fan art method - learn to draw with mayara rodrigues

You will also have an exclusive module that will help you improve the traits of your drawings, you also have support, follow-up and access to a community of students on facebook. The investment for the course is really small and it's really worth it for you who want to learn to draw.

Of course, for the course to be worth the investment, you also need to dedicate yourself to learning! The course fan art method by Mayara Rodrigues is not a miracle formula that will teach you how to draw from scratch, everything in the world needs dedication! Mayara teaches you, now you need to learn! Good luck!

Course Content Fan Art Method

  • Modules of the Fan Art Method
  • Module 1 – Image Analysis;
    • In this module you will learn to analyze the image you want to draw.
  • Module 2 – Anatomy of the Face;
    • It is in this part that your drawing comes to life and striking features.
  • Module 3 – Variation of Angles;
    • Here you learn to integrate your character into a scenario.
  • Module 4 – Body Anatomy and Movements;
    • You learn body symmetry and your character gains more human characteristics like hair, clothes, muscles, etc.
  • Bonuses and extra classes;
  • New modules and classes have been added;
Mayara rodrigues - fanart and coloring method drawing course

Module 1 is entirely dedicated to something that many are unaware of, and that is, “where to find references”. References are essential, especially if you are starting your drawings, she explains and gives the best codes for that, although it seems silly, I was impressed by this peculiarity in the course, the concern to present the right path for her students.

Module 2 and 3 are focused on heads and faces. Showing from sketching to detailing, applying different expressions and also how to make different head positions, something that few can do without a lot of practice and determination.

Mayara rodrigues - fanart and coloring method drawing course

Module 4 is focused on creating bodies. Many even give up when they get to that part of the drawing, it is something that in some cases requires a lot of knowledge of anatomy and knowledge of the movements of the human body. Again she presents simple ways to teach her students, presenting her sketches and teaching everything necessary.

The other modules and bonuses are unknown to me. I know that Mayara Rodrigues increasingly expands her course and totally reformulated it in a new version.

Some of the bonuses are: How to improve your dash and a group for students on Facebook.

My EXPERIENCE with fan art method

After buying and watching the course I saw that this small investment of my money was worth it. The Fan Art Method course features more than 4 modules and several bonuses for buyers.

In addition, it presents methods to differentiate expressions and each part of a face, showing how to create characters without all being similar or repeated.

An artist's trait determines who he is, and influences his artistic life a lot. In the beginning it is normal to have a streaked and shaky line, but after losing it you become more confident and are able to improve more and more!

Mayara rodrigues - fanart and coloring method drawing course

And in the facebook group, many students post their evolution and Mayara herself answers questions and always gives tips to her students, this bond between teacher and student is really cool.

The investment for the course is really small, but it is very worthwhile for you who are starting or who have lost the practice of drawing. In addition to having the full assistance of Mayara and its warranty, providing the final satisfaction of the buyer.

Her techniques are simple, anyone can learn through the course. Her tips are also all effective, so is her teaching method. The biggest differential of this course is to have people concerned with having the confidence that you will be better and better every day through your teaching.

Fan art method - learn to draw with mayara rodrigues

But just because the course is effective doesn't mean you'll be drawing everything you want overnight! You have to train, dedicate yourself every day, persist, delete and correct. Without training you will get nowhere, so keep in mind that it is your money that is being invested and you are the one who will take responsibility for yourself.

It is a course that I recommend to anyone. I hope you make a good choice, just like I did! and of course, be sure to subscribe to her channel and continue to follow us here on the website and on our social networks.

Videos of Mayara Rodrigues and the Fan Art Method:

Method FanArt Download Free Full Torrent

Looking for the complete download of the fan art method course, whether by torrent, mega or other? Don't feel like paying to download it and want to download it for free? Suki Desu will help you find the perfect solution!

I honestly cannot understand why you are dumb to buy such a cheap course. Piracy is a crime, don't do such an ugly thing, you are an offense to Japanese culture, which is imprisoned for honesty.

To give you an idea, most Japanese don't even want to download pirated music, they prefer to pay. How difficult is it to buy a course that costs very little? Maybe your parents are not looking to buy for you? Oh in that case I understand you ...

I want to discourage piracy, the FanArt Method course is not just a series of video lessons, you have support from teachers, you have the community and you have releases and updates. Not to mention that its cost is super accessible to any pocket.

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