Strange things that Japan turned into MOE girls


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THE moe culture in Japan it is widespread in the media, advertising, anime, games and even pamphlets and educational books. for those who do not know what moe (萌え) is, this word is often used to indicate that a female character is cute, innocent and adorable. In this article we will see strange things that have been transformed into characters with the aim of being moe.

I don't even need to start the article by citing the cover photo of monster in the musume a popular manga / anime that tells a story ecchi with girls half monsters and mythological creatures.

My girlfriend is a T-Rex - No manga T-Rex in kanojo tells the story of a normal human who starts dating a Anthropomorphic Tyrannosaurs Rex called Churio.

Refrigerator - There is a one shot manga called The Female Fridge Where tells the story of a girl who turns a refrigerator and wakes up at the house of the boy she likes.

Cockroach - Gokicha it's not just a manga, but an ONA (internet animation) that tells the story of a cute cockroach that wants to become friends with humans.

Coisas estranhas que o japão transformou em meninas moe

Shinka no Mi - A class full of Idols and beautiful people are sent to another world. The main character is an ugly, fat and stinky guy and the heroine is a gorilla. (they must have called the protagonist of Nisekoi).

Akikan - In this anime your soda turns into a woman.

Dragons - Kobayashi-san chi no Maid Dragon - A very successful recent work where dragons are girls.

Coisas estranhas que o japão transformou em meninas moe

Strange things will get stranger ...

Upotte - In this anime / manga weapons they become cute girls and study at a training school to become a good weapon.

Consoles - In game / manga / anime Neptunia consoles are cute girls. There are several other anime where objects and electronics become girls or boys.

Ships - In Kantai Collection girls have the spirit of a Warship.

Coisas estranhas que o japão transformou em meninas moe

Parasite - Kisei Kanojo Sana - A worm that was on the character's body turns into a girl.

Stones - In Houseki no Kuni stones and jewels become girls.

Blood - In hataraku Saibou blood turns to cute girls.

Coisas estranhas que o japão transformou em meninas moe

Binchou-tan - In this work we have charcoal, bamboo and aloe vera.

There are many other anime characters that were based on strange things, even the Windows 10 became a character moe. It is also worth mentioning other strange works such as Midori Days where the heroine is the protagonist's right hand.

Currently, several monsters and characters from Japanese culture have seen cute little girls like Kaiju. In Kemono Friends animals turn into cute girls and not to mention the famous cat girls. If you remember any, just quote in the comments. The inspiration for writing this article came from the Gobo.