Nintendo Switch Review - What did I think of the console?


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Hi here is Kevin Henrique from Suki Desu and finally I had the opportunity to get my hands on the Nintendo Switch that I bought over the internet. In this article I will do a detailed analysis and review of the console and say what I thought of it. for those who don't know the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console where you can play wherever you want released in March 2017.

This console has created a great divide, either you love it or hate it, some feel that the idea of ​​portable and hybrid is not a good one due to its weak hardware compared to desktop console that are 10 times bigger. In my opinion it is idiotic to compare something portable and tiny with a desktop console, for me the idea of ​​Nintendo joining 2 in 1 is smarter than launching a desktop console similar to what everyone already has.

Nintendo Switch first impressions

Despite seeing several photos, videos, reviews and unboxing, I still didn't expect the switch to be so small. Even the box I found was tiny, both it and the dock fit inside any backpack, making it easy to carry around. Despite their small size I did not find the joy-cons (controls) uncomfortable, even though they are small I did not see any problem in playing with them in any possible way.

I confess that I was afraid to buy due to complaints of loss of connectivity with the joy-con left, luckily mine worked perfectly over 10 meters away. I was also a little uncomfortable with the quality of the material and the manufacture of the console, but analyzing closely I could see how good the structure and assembly of the Nintendo Switch is, all parts are interchangeable, the plug-in parts are easily unscrewed and made of metal .

Nintendo switch

Regarding the operating system, everything is as it should be, fast, practical and clean. The current number of games leaves something to be desired, I bought the console thinking about Nintendo exclusives and some Party games, I really wanted a Golf in the style of WII but much more complete, some other fun multiplayer games are coming to the console and that makes me very happy.

Some criticize the size of the switch, saying it is too big to be a laptop. Before I buy, I was worried about the small screen of 6 inches, I was displeased as I am used to using a 9 inch iPad, but it was totally comfortable and I found the size acceptable for a laptop.

Nintendo switch

About Switch performance and games

Many people fear and complain about the number of games and the support of third parties. Many believe that the Switch will not be able to receive the future multiplatform games that are being developed. My opinion will never change, if the company wants to port the game even if it is in 720p it is capable, the hardware has 70% of the strength of an Xbox One, this is more than necessary to run any game with minor modifications.

Now the Switch's proposal is different, it didn't come focused on creating photo realistic games. The switch can receive any game if the developer wants, but the public of the Nintendo switch is usually interested in 2 things: portability and fun. The switch allows different ways and experiences to play both alone and multiplayer locally and online, its proposal is to take profit from an area not explored by other companies.

The Nintendo switch was made for people who are looking for portability, fun multiplayer, exclusive to nintendo, Indies games, Japanese RPGs, and several third-party exclusives that fit perfectly with the console's proposal. If the Switch follows the path of the 3DS it will be the console with the most game options on the market, receiving thousands of exclusives in the style that the 3DS had, and more beautiful, in addition to versions of multiplatform AAA games from companies that support the console. .

Nintendo switch

The switch has the same potential as the WII, but needs to be further explored. Both casual audiences, such as mobile, PC gamer or other console will choose to have the switch as a second console due to its portability. Indie game enthusiasts will prefer to buy the switch version because of its portability, it is much more satisfying to play a 16bit or simple graphics game on a laptop.

Do I recommend the Nintendo Switch? for whom?

Unfortunately the Nintendo switch is not so accessible for people living in Brazil, in addition to the console costing more than the competition due to its launch, the games are expensive and the promotions are scarce compared to the weekly promotions of the competitors, I believe that by the library little. Unless you're a big Nintendo fan or a rich guy or are anxious like me, there's no point in getting the Nintendo Switch right now.

The switch is a great investment and is worth the $ 300, its proposal is unique and it delivers what it promises. Now it is up to us to see from now on if he will be able to fulfill his needs. It is a perfect option for a second console, laptop or even a first console for those who value Nintendo franchises, motion games or local multiplayer.

The Nintendo Switch is a console that showed its potential in trying to be something that the others left out, it raised the death of laptops that were losing to tablets and cell phones, resuscitated the movement controls that the competitors abandoned, resuscitated the local multiplayer games that were scarce and brought innovations in the way of playing and with its humble HD. Unfortunately this console does not appeal to those who expect realistic photo graphics at 1080p 60fps, but it still provides fun on both the TV and the portable screen with great graphics and performance. If the console meets your needs, you can invest without fear!