5 crazy and weird Japanese urban legends

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Japan is a country full of legends, mythologies and superstitions. In this article, we selected 5 urban legends from Japan that are completely weird and crazy. We recommend that you also read our article on Japanese monsters, myths and legends which is also quite bizarre. 

Fire pants and women from 1932

On December 16, 1932, the eight-story Shirokiya department store caught fire in Tokyo, killing 14 people. There are rumors that local women who were dressed in kimono they were forced into the roof and refused to jump into the fire safety nets for fear of exposing themselves. This is because women do not usually wear underwear when wearing a gi.

It is believed that after the incident, store management ordered all salespeople to wear underwear along with the gi, and this practice slowly spread throughout Japan. Although the legend is strong and appears in books, this has never been proven.

5 crazy and weird Japanese urban legends

Curse of the Red Room

The legend was based on a flash animation (swf) of terror. A pop-up appears on the Internet and a recording will ask, "Do you like the red room?" Even if you close the pop-up, it will continue to reappear until the recording finishes asking the question. Shortly thereafter, the viewer will be killed and his room will be painted red with his own blood.

The urban legend gained notoriety after discovering that the 11-year-old student who killed a 12-year-old (Sasebo Slashing) had Flash animation saved in her computer favorites.

Cursed Kleenex Commercial

In 1986, Kleenex launched three exclusive commercials for Japan. As you can see in the ad above, many viewers found this advertisement disturbing. Because of these commercials, curses began to spread.

The rumors started saying that the song "It's a Fine Day" was a German curse (despite being sung in English), and led team members to face premature deaths. The biggest incident happened to the lead actress in the ads, Keiko Matsuzaka. She would die, or be institutionalized, or give birth to a son of the devil. None of this really happened.

Crazy and strange Japanese urban legends

The Curse of Colonel Sanders

According to fans of the baseball team Hanshin Tigersthe colonel KFC Sanders it was the main reason the team didn't win the championship in 1985!

That's because after the team's first championship victory, fans threw a statue of Colonel Sanders into the Dōtonbori River in Osaka. Since then the team has not managed to win any other championship. Fans believe the curse will end when the original statue is recovered. To this day they haven't found Colonel Sanders' hand or glasses.

Crazy and strange Japanese urban legends

Kiyotaki tunnel

This tunnel was built in 1927. It is 444m long (4 is a number cursed in Japan, similar to number 13 for most Western people). Kyiotaki is, according to the legends, cursed by all the workers who died while building it, due to the terrible working conditions of the time, which forced them to work like slaves, and by all those who died in the tunnel, victims of accidents caused by the workers' spirits.

It is said that ghosts can be seen in the tunnel at night, and that they can even own your car, and cause an accident. They also say that there is a mirror in this tunnel, and that if you look at it and see a ghost, you will die a horrible death. The length of the tunnel can also vary, depending on the time and the period in which you are measuring it (night or day).

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