Japan 2016 Retrospective

In this article, I would like to quote briefly some interesting events, news and events that happened in 2016 involving Japan. We will briefly mention the most accessed and shared news of 2016.

The news with the most shares at the beginning of 2016 was the report of a train company that keeps a station running in a city where only one girl took the train to go to school.

During the 2016 Olympics Japan set another example, Japanese athletes helped clean apartments in the Olympic village in Rio de Janeiro, while other countries complained about the conditions of the place.

Retrospective Japan 2016

Another news that went viral was a video that a company made apologizing for raising the price of ice cream / popsicles by 34 cents. In February we also had a drunk Brazilian crashing his car into a famous bridge that had survived the Hiroshima nuclear bomb.

In November a crater in the city of Fukuoka went viral, being filled in 2 days and reopened in 1 week. And after a few weeks the hole started to open again... And also, by a miracle, Japan lowers the retirement age by 10 years, not that it changes much.

During 2016 we also had many repercussions for the game company, with several rumors and the announcement of Nintendo's new console, the Switch/NX. The word was the most searched on Google compared to the words Sony and Microsoft. And we also had the launch of Pokemon Go, which became a big fever all over the world.

Retrospective Japan 2016

Another remarkable event was the film by Makoto Shinkai (Kimi no na wa) that surpassed many box office champions in Japan and other countries in Asia, becoming one of the greatest successes of all time.

In the anime world it was a weak year, and as I don't watch many I don't know how to give an opinion or say what we should remember. What resonated with the internet was Re:Zero with its deconstruction of Anime that travel to a fantasy world, with its psychological terror and a premise never explored before.

Suki Desu Retrospective

Among the articles written on the Suki Desu website in 2016, the 10 most accessed were:

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  2. Where is the cost of living highest? Brazil or Japan?
  3. What is the difference between Sumimasen and Gomennasai?
  4. How do I speak and write my name in Japanese?
  5. Singing and Romantic Phrases in Japanese
  6. Apps to learn Japanese on Android!
  7. What happens if you drink and drive in Japan?
  8. What do the Japanese think of Brazil?
  9. Why do the Japanese eat raw eggs? Is there no danger?
  10. Erotic and bizarre products from Japan.

Several other articles from 2015 were accessed more than those written in 2016. xD

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