Bizarre erotic products from Japan

⭐ Japan is a borderless country, including in adult content and products. It is no coincidence that the Japanese have a reputation as a pervert.

There are thousands of erotic content, mainly manga and anime, and all this with censorship since there is a law that prohibits uncensored content in the country. What's worse is that much of the animated content features high school girls, lolicons, incest and other nonsense.

Despite all this Japan is the country that has the birth crisis, the government complains that couples are not having sex, decreasing the country's population. Perverts are fearful, so many of them instead of committing a wrong act, they are simply content to steal used panties, some even pay the girl to take her panties off.

In addition to the erotic content, the Japanese seem to really like toys, even women. I even heard about a place where only women go to have a drink and talk about masturbation. There are numerous bizarre products, it is possible to find even used panties in automatic machines for the pervs out there.

Throughout this article we will present some erotic and bizarre Japanese products and explore a totally obscure niche in Japan. Ready to dive into weirdness?

Burusera and Kari-pantsu - Panty Machines

Did you know that there are used panty vending machines in Japan? These machines are known as "burusera" or "kari-pantsu" and are usually found in secluded and hidden areas.

It is important to clarify that the sale of used underwear through vending machines in Japan is a relatively rare phenomenon and is not a common or popular practice in the country.

Although the sale of used underwear is illegal in Japan, there are some cases of people who engage in this practice to meet the demand of a small group of customers.

Menstruation perfumes and strange smells

Things don't end there, there are some bizarre products that have been invented in Japan, as shown in the photo at the top of the article. Among them, there are even foods with suspicious appearances, and even animal tails to put... There are perfumes that smell like schoolgirl's menstruation, schoolgirl's armpits, schoolgirl's urine, and I don't need to continue...

Finally, let's leave a video below that shows some of this bizarre product:

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