What do the Japanese think of Brazil?


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If you ask Brazilians what they think about Japan, most without any knowledge of the culture will answer words like: sushi, technology, Tokyo, anime, games, earthquake, eye pull, education, work, madness and some degrading and meaningless things.

It is no different on the other side of the world, if you go out and interview Japanese people, most will say things like:

  • Samba
  • Carnival
  • Soccer
  • Amazon
  • Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo State
  • Slums, violence, crimes

Just like most Brazilians think that all Japanese people eat sushi, watch anime, work like crazy. The Japanese think that all Brazilians like football and carnival. A foregone conclusion and lack of knowledge.


The main factor that makes Brazil known around the world is its nature and football. In Japan soccer is not the favorite sport of the Japanese, making Brazil not so well known.

In the same way that a large number of Brazilians do not know the name of the capital of the Philippines or Austria. The Japanese do not know the capital of Brazil. A survey conducted shows that many Japanese are not able to answer who governs Brazil, which is its capital and some do not even know where Brazil is on the map.


I found 2 interesting videos from youtube channels about Japan that did interviews about what the Japanese think and know about Brazil.



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