Kakegawa Castle and Kakegawa Kachoen Bird Park

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On my 2018 trip to Japan I visited an unexpected city called Kakegawa located in Shizuoka Prefecture. In the meantime I stayed with my friend Roberto Pedraça.

During that time in Kakegawa I visited other nearby cities like Hamamatsu, visited several onsens and especially visited 2 prominent tourist places in the city of Kakegawa, its castle and Kachoen.

I also visited other places like onsens and a small event that was happening, in which if I am not mistaken it was the Day of Culture (Bunka-no-hi). This event happened near the station.

About Kakegawa City

Kakegawa is very close to Hamamatsu and other cities, so much so that the Kakegawa Kachoen it is also indicated as part of Hamamatsu. The city is also a Shinkansen, then it is easily accessible.

The city of Kakegawa [掛川市] has a population of around 80,000 and is located in Shizuoka. The city attracts tourists from the country, mainly in the spring because of the Hanami in the castle and the Kamo Hanashobuen.

Kakegawa Castle and Kakegawa Kachoen Bird Park

Cities are well connected to each other. You can cross a street and arrive at Kikugawa or Ogasa. In Kakegawa and in the nearby cities you will find the following sights:

  • Mt. Awagatake Hike;
  • Kurami Onsen;
  • Mt. Obi Hike
  • Nissaka-Shuku
  • Tokaido trail to Nissaka to Kanaya;
  • Takenomaru;
  • Daito Onsen;
  • Enshunada Beach;
  • Trail from Mt. Ogasayama to Ogasaike Pond;
  • Former merchant houses;
  • Shimizu House Garden;
  • Yokosuka Castle;
  • Kamo Hanashobuen Garden;
  • Kachoen Park;
  • Tsumagoi;

At Kurami Onsen, you can take a hike to visit the statues of hyakukannon along an exciting trail on Mt. In the city there are also trails where you can find ruins in the forest.

Kakegawa Kachoen - Kakegawa Bird Park

I made a special video showing scenes and photos from my time in Kakegawa Kachoen. You can see the video below, then we'll talk a little bit about the place.

The Kakegawa Kachoen [掛川花鳥園] It is a very popular bird and flower park in the region. In it you will find a giant greenhouse, exhibitions, lake, swimming pool, an Emas corral, shows, presentations and a restaurant.

Every place is surrounded by flowers, hence the name kachou which is a combination of flowers [花] and birds [鳥]. The place opens at 9 am and has an admission fee that can be considered a bit steep. Sometimes there are free exhibitions.

Kakegawa Castle and Kakegawa Kachoen Bird Park

Most birds in Kakegawa Kachouen are not caged, you can interact with them directly and without feeling uncomfortable with trapped animals.

There are Bird Shows where they fly very close to you at low altitude, giving you a shock and filling you with emotion. Birds like Giant Owls and Harris Hawk participate in this show.

Kakegawa Castle

Kakegawa castle is one of the few japan castles where the Goten (daimyo’s mansion) remains intact. Not to mention that the castle tower remains entirely made in a traditional way.

Kakegawa Castle and Kakegawa Kachoen Bird Park

Kakegawa Castle was built in 1487 and is a famous Tokai spot. During the Meiji Period (1868-1912), the castle was demolished under the law of abolishing castles and was originally rebuilt in 1994.

In the region you will also find a beautiful square and a library. During my visit I met with Samurai who allowed me to take a photo. The place is also popular for it involves the names of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Kakegawa Castle and Kakegawa Kachoen Bird Park

The castle was built and administered by Asahina Yasuhiro and later by Yamauchi Kazutoyo. The castle passed through several clans and daimyo who ruled the Kakegawa region, ending with the generation of the Oota clan.

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