Kasa - Umbrellas and parasols that only exist in Japan


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While some believe that parasols are meant to cover the sun and umbrellas to protect against rain, the truth is that parasols are for women and umbrellas are unisex. In Japanese there is no difference between parasol and umbrella, there it is called kasa [傘].

In Japan, umbrellas are much more useful than simply protecting yourself from rain and the sun. We know that Japan is famous for the countless inventions and variations of things. In this article we are going to see some umbrellas and parasols that you have no idea exist, but only exist in Japan.

It is interesting to note that the word kasa it is also written (笠) and refers to old hats that have a similarity to current umbrellas. We can start by citing a type of umbrella that I saw a lot while in the summer of Japan.

Transparent umbrellas, it was so easy to find them, I even bought one, but unfortunately I forgot there in Japan TT This really serves to protect just rain, but its material was good and resistant.

Kasa - guarda-chuvas e sombrinhas que só existem no japão

Wagasa - Traditional Japanese Sunshade

Let's start by talking about the traditional Japanese umbrella - wagasa! It is traditionally made with bamboo slats and washi (Aponian paper). It came from China and was a sacred instrument used in Buddhist ceremonies.

They entered Japan in the Heian period (794-1185) and became popular in the Edo period. They were closely associated with geishas and today they are used on special occasions.

The wagasa have different lines, colors, designs and symbols. Purple parasols are often used by geishas and are a symbol of longevity. Dancers often wear pink, green or red middle aged, dark blue and white elderly people are used in funerals.

Kasa - guarda-chuvas e sombrinhas que só existem no japão

Currently, traditional Japanese umbrellas are often used in events, tea and wedding ceremonies, festivals and traditional dances. Nowadays the wagasa is seen as a work of art and culture.

Japanese Creativity in Umbrellas

We know that Japan loves to invent things, so we can expect several umbrellas with different prints. See some themed and special umbrellas that have crossed the line. Not everyone on this list is easy to find, let alone popular.

Some umbrellas have hidden designs that only appear with water contact. Others have a viewfinder to completely cover their heads and continue to see. There are even umbrellas that open and close in reverse.

Kasa - guarda-chuvas e sombrinhas que só existem no japão

The Japanese have already tried to make life easier for people by creating umbrellas that you can tie in your arms without needing to hold them. They have also created a type of umbrella hat and even a hat that allows you to sit on it like a chair.

  • Samurai Umbrella - They even invented a common umbrella, but it resembles a katana;
  • Umbrella Kokeshi - The name is self-explanatory, he has a kokeshi in his fist;
  • Vegetabrella - This one went over the limit and turned into a salad;

Perverted Umbrellas - A project called The Milion Girls with the aim of promoting the concept of bizarre Japan, created an umbrella called Upskirt Umbrella. In its lower part you find the view of the legs and the panties of a Japanese schoolgirl in anime.

Kasa - guarda-chuvas e sombrinhas que só existem no japão

Have you ever met someone using these bizarre umbrellas? Do you dare to buy an umbrella like that? We are grateful for your comment and sharing. I hope you enjoyed it, don't forget to read our article on aiaigasa.