Curiosities about No Game No Life - NGNL

No game No life (NGNL) is a Light Novel created by the Brazilian Yuu Kamiya (Thiago Furukawa Lucas). The work tells the story of two genius brothers addicted to games that end up in a world where everything is solved through games.

The work was very successful and gained anime adaptation for TV, manga and even film. In this article, we will see some interesting curiosities, easter eggs and secrets about No game No life. As curiosities, remember that it may contain spoilers.

Curiosities related to the work

The author mentioned in volume 2 that originally that was to be the second chapter. He didn’t know that the light novels were too short and was scolded for trying to publish a 900-page book. He also said that part of the first volumes of NGNL were written in Brazil.

In the covers of the Light Novel of No Game No Life only Shiro in volume 1 and Tet in volume 6 hold black chess pieces. In the other volumes released, the pieces are white. The author was accused of plagiarizing a fanart on the cover of volume 8, just because of a pose.

Curiosities about no game no life - ngnl

Volume 6 of Light Novel tells the story of Riku which means earth, contrasting with Sora’s name which means heaven. In addition the protagonist Riku asks Ex Machina his name, she answers Schawarzer which means black in German, contrasting with Shiro which means white. This was actually meant to be zero volume.

The voice actor of Sora voiced SORAta Kanda and Shiro dublo MaSHIRO Shiina, two characters from the anime Sakurasou no Pet Na Kanojo. Is it a coincidence?

  • The voice actress for Shiro really sings the beautiful ending “Oracion”;
  • Sora’s voice actor is Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, famous for voicing Kirito’s voice in Sword Art Online;
  • Did you know that the writer of No Game No Life released a short Doujin Hentai?
  • Mashiri Hiiragi, the woman behind the manga art adaptation is the wife of Yu Kamiya, the author of Light Novel;
  • No Game’s BluRay special edition, No Life came with a toast: Shiro’s panties;

Curiosities about No Game No Life

There are reports that an Imanity was responsible for the idea of the 10 rules in the great war. That same Imanity was responsible for Artosh’s death. Judging by Azriel’s age, the great war probably lasted for some 20,000 years. Volume 8 of Light Novel states that it has been 54,355,146 hours since the end of the war. This is equivalent to 6,200 years.

Curiosities about no game no life - ngnl

The World of No Game no Life takes place outside of Japan, which means for several translations and pronunciations without the “L“, “V”And other letters that do not exist in Japanese. That is why Stephanie Dola is called “Stephanie Dora”;

  • The library that appears in No Game No Life is based on the Library of Congress in Washington;
  • The link sent to Sora by Tet at the beginning of the anime is a real link to a trivia game;

The names of the characters Sora (空 - means empty) and Shiro (白 - means white) are already quite mysterious. The author said that his surname is nai, which may mean that they have no surname. and to make matters worse, they refer to it as Kuuhaku (空白) which is literally the junction of their names and means empty or blank.

  • The Name Tet is the 9th letter of the Hebrew alphabet and can also refer to the tetragram;
  • Jibril has a power called Heaven’s Strike, capable of destroying countries. When she uses this power, her body regresses to that of a child;
  • No Game no Life refers to several different games and anime such as Persona 4, Evangelion, Steins; Gate, Yu-Gi-Oh !, Akiba Strip, Thermae Romae and Fate / Stay Night;

Curiosities about no game no life - ngnl

What does Aschente mean in No game no Life?

When starting a game in No Game No Life those who agree with the rules of the game need to say Meiyaku ni chikatte Asshente (盟約に誓ってアッシェン) where meiyaku means oath, pact, alliance and chikatte certainly means, I give my word. But what does Asshente mean?

This word was used by Riku to remember friends who died in the great war. It was an invented word that may have been inspired to ascend, since that word refers to rising in rank, to the highest point and reaching the sky.

It is worth remembering that the ten rules created by Tet were inspired by the 6 rules made by Riku Dola and Shuvi Dola before the end of the Great War. The word mentioned earlier was "Aschento" and not "Aschente".

The 16 races of No game No Life

The 16 races are called Exceed or Ikushīdo (十六種族) in Japanese which literally means 16 races. They are divided into 2 groups, where the first 6 races are considered superior and are called seimei (生命) which means life. and the remaining 10 races are called seibutsu (生物) which means creatures.

The names of the races in the world of No Game no Life are word games, God really is called God and not Kami in Japanese or God in English. The other names like Seirens are a variation of Sirens. Dhampirs is a vampire alternative, Dragonia are Dragons. and Flugel means Wings in German.

Placing Name Equivalent Japanese Race Emblem
1  Old God  God 神霊種オールドデウス Pawn
2  Phantasmas  Ghosts 幻想種ファンタズマ Pawn
3  Elementals  Elements 精霊種エレメンタル Pawn
4  Dragonia  Dragons 龍精種ドラゴニア Pawn
5  Giants  Giants 巨人種ギガント Pawn
6  Flügel  Angels 天翼種フリューゲル Queen
7  Elves  Elves 森精種エルフ Tower
8  Dwarfs  Dwarves 地精種ドワーフ Bishop
9  Fairy  Fairies 妖精種フェアリー Pawn
10  Ex-Machina  Androids 機凱種エクスマキナ Bishop
11  Demonia  Devils 妖魔種デモニア Pawn
12  Dhampir  Vampires 吸血種ダンピール Horse
13  Lunamana  ?? 月詠種ルナマナ Tower
14  Warbeasts  Beasts 獣人種ワービースト Pawn
15  Seiren  Mermaid 海棲種セーレーン Horse
16  Imanity  Humans 人類種イマニティ King


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