Jutsu, what does it really mean?

It is widely believed that the Japanese word Jutsu (術) originates from manga works such as Naruto, but the word Jutsu has a much older origin and carries many more meanings than you can imagine.

The word Jutsu has different meanings and each context, period will dictate a different idea of this word, it is worth remembering that it is a word actually used within the Japanese language. In this article we will introduce you to the main meanings of this word and how it can be interpreted in different ways.

Jutsu, what does it really mean?

Jutsu word meanings

The first meaning of this word is how we actually observe in the anime Naruto [ナルト] which are precisely: technique, art, movement, skill, ability, movement. Then it becomes clear that it is aimed at something that is acquired, that develops over time.

Before moving on, it is important to point out that the Japanese do not speak Jutsu, but Jyutsu, the sound is jyu (diu) no (ju). Listen to the snippet of the anime (Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works):

Jutsu, what does it really mean?
護身術 GoshinJyutsu

Understanding how the pronunciation of this word is, let's now see some examples of other Japanese words using these ideas from the concept of jyutsu.

  • 技 (Gi): a noun meaning technique, art, movement, skill, ability, movement.
  • 学問 (Gakumon): Study, learning, knowledge, discipline, field of learning.

That is, as mentioned, it carries this idea of something that is acquired, and is capable of being realized.

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Jutsu, what does it really mean?
Jutsu, what does it really mean?

Justsu means Method

Another common sense also for this word is the term: method. that is, the way of doing something, the means by which something is done. to illustrate, we are going to show other Japanese words that refer to this sense of this word.

  • 方法 (houhou): Method, process, way, means, way, technique.
  • 手だて (tedate): Means, way, method.
Jutsu, what does it really mean?

Justsu means Plan

In addition to carrying these senses of technique, method and way of doing something, the word jutsu can also carry this concept of plan and strategy to execute something.

To illustrate, let's look at some Japanese words that carry this meaning.

  • 策略 (Sakuryaku): Scheme, tactic, trick, strategy.
  • 謀 (Hakarigoto): Plan, strategy
  • 企み (Takurami): to plan, to architect.
Jutsu, what does it really mean?

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Jutsu means stealth

This word can also be seen having this sense of stealth, however, it is worth remembering that the context for it to be used this way is when talking about ninjas.

In Japanese it would be: 忍者などが用いる忍び込むための方法 : Ways that Ninjas, etc. they use to sneak in, sneak in, steal.

  • 忍びの術 (Shinobi no jyuutsu): It is a rare noun to be used that conveys the meaning of: Stealth techniques (and then there is, for example, ninjutsu)
  • 忍術 (Ninjyutsu): As the name implies (Ninja Technique), that is, combat techniques, stealth, theft, sabotage, espionage, assassination, etc.
Jutsu, what does it really mean?

Phenomena that challenge what we know

The word Jutsu is also used to describe provoked actions that are beyond human intellect and knowledge, for example. Clairvoyance.

Let's see some Japanese words that use jutsu to express these phenomena.

  • 魔術 (Majyutsu): Witchcraft, sorcery, black magic trick, juggling.
  • Clairvoyance
  • 忍術 (Ninjyutsu): Ninja Techniques.

    Yes, ninjutsu can also express this sense of something mystical, since for example in anime works like naruto it is used to describe mystical techniques and skills used by the characters in the work.

jutsu in naruto

I believe that this word became popular precisely because of its appearance in the work of Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto is an anime whose term is used several times and even explained, but unlike as mentioned before, in Naruto it is something more mystical, focused on powers, that is, it is something they use to be able to externalize their powers, to put to outside.

The creator of Naruto was quite creative in developing the use of powers that use this term, for each style of power using jutsu, there is a different definition and way in which the character uses this same power.

For example, the 幻術 (Genjyutsu). In Naruto, genjyutsu are illusionary techniques, or techniques of illusion, where a character uses powers related to illusion, that is, they trap their opponent in their illusion techniques.

Another term used in Naruto is 体術 (Taijyutsu). In naruto, taijyutsu is to use your fist, leg, body to create a combat with another ninja, it is interesting to remember that the first kanji of this word means (体) body. In other words, a technique that uses your body.

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