Dattebayo - The true meaning of Naruto's speech


The Japanese word Dattebayo is much heard by fans who watch the anime Naruto or read your original manga. You may also have heard some variations of the word like dattebane and dattebasa said by other people.

This word arouses a lot of curiosity, so much so that more than 50,000 people look for that word every month. In this article we will do an in-depth search on the meaning of dattebayodattebane and dattebasa.

Dattebayo in the anime Naruto

The Japanese expression dattebayo [だってばよ] is usually used by the protagonist Naruto at the end of his sentences. If you usually watch subtitled you will notice that there is no correct translation for that word. 

The expression dattebayo it is nothing but an emphasis on what he just said. In fact, in Naruto's anime and manga dattebayo is part of a Japanese dialect, in which Naruto inherited from his mother.

He doesn't just speak dattebayo but yes ttebayo or simply bayo, it all depends on the sentence Naruto uses. There is a deeper meaning behind this expression, but for that we need to understand it first.

Perhaps this is the right time for you to delve into the Japanese language with some online course. 
Dattebayo - the true meaning of naruto's expression

What does dattebayo mean?

The ending or suffix dattebayo is composed of:

  • GIVES - だ - an informal verb equivalent to desu [です];
  • TTE - って - Elongation that forms datte [だって];
  • BA - ば - used to express results and conditions;
    • if, then, when, why, since;
  • YO - よ - particle for emphasis (hey!);

O ttebayo it is not used in Japanese, but it gives a feeling of extreme determination, motivation, uneducated, abrupt and childish. O teba [てば] also gives the impression of boredom and emotional closeness to someone, or it can simply be a “come on, hey hey” as if Naruto had been bothered and restless all the time.

Theba [てば] is a very common particle in the Japanese language, you have probably heard a character wanting to draw the attention of Someone in the anime saying neeetebaaa? The naruto speech ends up being a junction of gives [だ], teba [てば] and yo [よ].

In the English version of Naruto they sometimes translated the dattebayo as "Believe!". In Portuguese they sometimes translated as “Connect!”Or”I am right!“. It is not a necessary translation, ttebayo is nothing more than a slogan that Naruto uses to make his phrases more original and unique.

Dattebayo - the true meaning of naruto's expression

Dattebayo is somewhat equivalent to dazo (だぞ) or daze (だぜ). Dazo is not childish (compared to dattebayo), and is used mainly by men. Both are impolite and strong.

As already explained, some sentences end up being modified. In some cases you will see expressions like sattebayo or nandattebayo.

What does dattebane and dattebasa mean?

In the anime we can see his mother saying “dattebane" where the huh [ね] is a particle equivalent to ours “Huh?" or “Isn't it?”And it sounds more feminine. We also heard “Dattebasa” in Boruto, where the sa [さ] expresses affirmation, indication and difference. The possibilities are endless, we just need to put the particle we want.

It is very common in Japanese, especially children or anime characters, to use suffixes or endings in sentences, but it does not alter the meaning of the expression at all. The most that these particles can do is to emphasize or draw attention.

It can use in several ways, without even using the particle of or datte. In some cases he said urusette bayo! which means shut up! In reality the possibilities are endless!

Explaining Naruto's Easter Eggs

It was brilliant that the author tried to create his own dialect in his work. The particle choices matched the characters perfectly and gave the right emphasis. Of course, the author was also inspired by other real things to make his work.

Before closing this page, I want to ask you a question: Did you recognize that image of the ramen restaurant that Naruto always frequents at the beginning of the article? I wrote a special article showing that place in real life, click here and read more about Ichiraku.

I hope this article has cleared up your doubts about the meaning of dattebayo. If you liked the article comment and share it with friends.

I will end with the recommendation of some Naruto products and a video I found on Youtube that can complement the article, in it you will also find some moments where Naruto and his mother uses these expressions Dattebayo.

This article also has an English version that you can read by clicking here.

What does Shippuden Mean?

The word shippuden it literally means legend of the gale or something like hurricane chronicles. It is the junction of 3 ideograms [疾風伝] which mean [疾] to be fast, [風] wind and [伝] which means chronicle or legend. This indicates Naruto's rapid growth.

Naruto's transformation of nature is the wind, he was the first to add the transformation of nature in Rasengan, something that Minato and Kakashi failed to achieve. Rasenshuriken remains one of Naruto's strongest attacks and is very symbolic.

The name is the perfect choice for the second part of Naruto's story. There was a three-year gap between Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. The word also means, to some extent, running during a battle.

Naruto's surname Uzumaki is also related to storms and the name Shippuden is just trying to say that he is the legend of Naruto and how he grew up to become a true ninja.

The word Uzumaki means spiral, and Naruto's strongest movement is the Spiral Sphere or its variations. The spiral is also the emblem of his maternal clan, from which he inherited the strong chakra and even the seals. The nature of Naruto's chakra is the wind.

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