Japanese football fans set an example for Brazil

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Brazil has a history of fights between soccer fans in stadiums since the 70s. While fights were in hand, today in hint it is increasingly violent with the use of bladed weapons and even firearms. A question that does not want to remain silent: Why fight over football or another sport? There is no reason other than stupidity, today we are going to use Japan as a great example.

Unfortunately, many Brazilians were not properly educated, which created this unnecessary wave of fights between idiot fans. Nowadays I can't even go to a stadium without witnessing violent scenes or at least cursing. Sometimes I even think that these fanatical fans don't have a brain.

Of course we cannot generalize, but any intelligent human being would not create a fight for any reason, much less because of cheering or sports. People who fight or get angry easily have problems and need to be treated. The main reason why Brazil is in the shit is this aggressive and violent attitude of Brazilians.

Japanese football fans set an example for Brazil

Why do people fight? Jealous? Envy? Humiliation? Insults? It doesn’t matter what reason someone gave you to fight, if you get into this you’re just demeaning and showing yourself to be a big idiot. Especially if it is because of sports or people who have no idea of its existence. The best thing to do in a fight is to run away!

I wish that were the only problem, since Brazilians don’t know how to throw garbage in the trash. Fortunately, you must be tired of knowing that Japan takes its own garbage and still cleans the trash of others in football stadiums.

The great example of fans in Japan

Humility is a word that represents the Japanese well. It doesn’t matter if your team lost, or if any enemy supporters are making fun or celebrating in your face. Japanese people are humble, patient and especially respectful. In Japan, you don’t usually hear or want an insult, let alone someone beat because of football or other sports.

It is no longer enough for Japan to set an example of cleaning stadiums in the cup that happened in Brazil, they also show education in their homes. Below you can see the ironic video of our friend Caipira in Japan, showing how a decent football crowd leaves the stadiums in Japan:

Note in the video that Japanese fans from enemy teams leave the same side of the stadium, without a fight and without discussion. Some even talk amicably among themselves. Even without a fight, note that not even shouting or crying happens! This shows that there are still intelligent human beings in our world.

Soccer is not the predominant sport in Japan. They value baseball, basketball and even golf much more. Schools encourage children to experience a wide variety of sports through the school clubs.

Football fans don't lose their spirit!

Fans take the sport seriously, I understand that some may feel stressed because of enemy fans. Now resorting to violence or cursing does not show that you are defending your team, it just shows that you are a great idiot! As stressful as it may be, take a deep breath and calm down, don’t bother fighting your team’s name!

Learn to be a decent football fan with japan
There are examples of Brazilian fans from opposing teams united!

The fact that there are no fights between fans in Japan does not mean that there were no precautions. The fans are separated in the stands, there are classes and special places for fans who belong to the fan club. The main responsible for the education of the Japanese is the strict and applied laws of Japan.

In Brazil, laws and education were supposed to exist, but they are not enforced. Fortunately the Japanese strive to obey the laws and the punishments and fines are heavy. Those Japanese fans who can’t hold back need to think twice before doing any shit in a Japan stadium.

If you have any details to add to the article, feel free to express it in the comments. Let’s share this article to show the great example that Japan has to teach these fans of Brazil. Education and Humility! Congratulations to the Brazilians who follow these principles! We also recommend reading:

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