Kuroko's Honey Lemon Recipe in Basket!

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Those who followed the series of Kuroko no Basket saw several ways for athletes to improve their physique through training and nutrition. Lemon with honey serves to replenish energy and contains vitamin C and is very refreshing to eat it cold.

Preparation is super simple and quick. The time consuming thing is to wait a few days for the lemon to become sweet. You can eat the lemon, or use the honey and the squeezed lemon to make lemonade. If you use sparkling water, it becomes a great natural soda! Or even use it to flavor cakes and cookies. As a marinade, these lemons have a shelf life of 3 months in the fridge.

About lemons: In the anime, Sicilian lemons were used, which are softer and more aromatic. If you don't have this type of lemon in your city, you can replace it with tahiti/white lemon (the one with a green rind) + pear or Bahia orange. I don't recommend making this marinade with just lime, as it is extremely acidic and can compromise the flavor. So balance between lemon and orange.

Kuroko Honey Lemon Recipe in Basket!

You will need:

  • 1 jar of jam boiled in filtered water;
  • 3 to 4 Sicilian lemons;
  • 500 ml of honey;

Note: nothing prevents you from mixing different types of oranges and lemons :)

How to make the lemon:

  1. Cut the lemons into thin slices. Remove the seeds;
  2. Place the slices inside the pot and intersperse with the honey, until the lemons are covered;
  3. Place the pot in a cool, dark place for 3 days;

Once ready, keep the jar in the fridge. Enjoy summer 🙂

PS: Do you have a cold? Add grated ginger to this marinade. In addition to getting better, you won't be sick for a long time. Thanks for the comments and shares, we also recommend:

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