Examples of Honesty and Safety in Japan Stores

Japan is famous for the safety and honesty of the people, even in places with high concentration of people, the Japanese don't seem to care about safety, they trust the honesty of the people. In this article, we are going to see some examples of honesty and safety in stores in Japan.

We must bear in mind, that not everyone in Japan is honest, nor that the country is 100% safe. The Japanese strive for good conduct, but there will always be bad people, everywhere in the world. But the examples of honesty and security in Japan are at a level far above other countries.

While in countries like ours, an act of honesty can be seen as stupidity. In Japan it is common for people to return millions of yen and lost wallets to their owners. I myself already forgot, forgot my belongings in a place and experienced Japanese honesty. Not to mention the safety and tranquility we have in walking on the streets.

Examples of honesty and safety in stores in Japan

The Japanese care about their appearance and everyone strives to meet society's norms and expectations. The Japanese were culturally influenced and taught from childhood to obey the rules without questioning them. This is one of the main factors responsible for security and honesty in Japan.

Japan store security

As most Japanese strive to follow society's norms, shopkeepers have built trust in their customers. There is no concern about robberies, even if they happen, they are few. The vending machines scattered throughout the city, the low demand for safety equipment, makes confidence greater.

The video below shows how honesty and security prevails in stores in Japan:

A wide variety of stores display their wares on the sidewalk of the street, without any guards or cameras. It doesn't matter if the place has little or a lot of people, shopkeepers don't worry about thieves and trust people. They are not necessary guards or cameras.

It's not uncommon for multiple stores to share a single space. A few different stores are located in the same place, without any divisions or walls. Shopkeepers simply expect you to take something from the store and pay for it before you leave. If you end up going to the wrong cashier, they will direct you to the correct place to pay for the product.

There are several reports of store workers chasing customers to warn or deliver something they forgot. Even a wrong change, it is the duty of the shopkeeper or customer to show their honesty. Some even had to settle with the police because of problems related to it.

Examples of honesty and safety in stores in Japan

Examples of Security and Honesty

In addition to the effort to collaborate with a fair and honest society, the Japanese also don't give much importance to these things. Some rich people just don't care about looking rich. Several newspapers report that you can be a millionaire's neighbor and not know it, because their house looks exactly like yours.

Some believe that Japan's economic conditions cooperate with honesty. To some extent this is true, but Japan faces a number of economic problems and many Japanese people live on the edge of their wages. Motives, opportunities and ways of stealing abound in Japan, yet the Japanese avoid it as much as possible.

It is worth making it clear here in the article, for people who read without reasoning: This is relative! There is no place in the perfect world, there are thieves, some shopkeepers are concerned and take precautions. They trust that hardly anything bad can happen, because they believe in the law. That doesn't mean they put expensive products at the disposal of thieves.

Examples of honesty and safety in stores in Japan

Some stores in Brazil also leave their clothes and products on the sidewalks, even not trusting the laws of the country. In the same way, the Japanese also put products in shop windows. The only difference between Japan and Brazil is that the Japanese strive to do what is right, and the law is there to support these people.

There are many other examples of honesty in Japan that we could discuss. I've already written several articles talking about examples of honesty and security in Japan, I'll leave a list for you to read below (Just click and that's it).

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